Delightful Advertisements

That day while watching television a Vodafone advert came up.

They showed a classroom, where the students just finished clapping for the birthday girl. The girl started giving her treat – chocolates to her classmates. Oh god! What followed in between, completely took me by surprise. My hairs stood up. Nostalgia. The birthday girl handed a handful of chocolates in her friends hand, her benchmate, while other students got only a single choc.

I had completely forgotten that the same thing used to happen in my school days.  Not only me but everyone of my friend shared a similar experience. Though i never distributed chocs during my birthday those days at school, but if it was my friends/benchmate day i would get a handful of chocs. But that used to happen only after he/she had finished distributing.

A look there and a look here, ” Let me finish giving, you take away the rest.” he would tell whispering. Thank you Vodafone and O&M for reminding me those days…:)

You can catch the advert HERE.

No one thought that Mahindra Two Wheelers would come and poke a rival two wheeler giant  (Hero Honda) in a delightful way. And when they have Aamir Khan as their brand ambassador, something has to be different na?

If you are an avid television junkie and if you have an eye for brand recognition, then you must not have missed the Hero Honda ZMR advert starring bollywood dude, Hrithik Roshan.  The ad shows a twister stealing away Hrithiks cap (topi). Not content to let away a twister take away his priced topi, Hrithik powers his ZMR  and overcomes deadly obstacles and manages to snatch his topi from twisters hand. As is the norm the ad shows a caution running coninously to the end – “All stunts were performed by professionals. Do not try to imitate.” Something like that.

Now watch the Mahindra Stallio ad HERE and HERE . Have fun poking. END.


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