Best of Print Ads 2012-13, Cannes Winners

Best of the print ads from the winners of The Cannes International Festival of Creativity 2102-13

Grand Prix: Apple iPad mini
Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab, Los Angeles
These iPad mini ads were placed on the back covers of magazines including Time, Wired and The New Yorker. They showed the tablet at actual size, with its display featuring the actual front cover of that issue of the magazine.

Apple ipad mini Cannes

Gold Lion: Harvey Nicholas
Agency: Y&R, Dubai
A giant flock of pelicans gathers around a single fish to advertise a sale at the clothing store. Better be ready to fight. Great art direction on this one.

Harvey-Nichols Cannes

Gold Lion:  Penguin Audiobooks
Agency: McCann, Mumbai
This campaign turned famous authors William Shakespeare, Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde into headphones. The writers are shown whispering in the ears of their listeners. Seen here is William Shakespeare.

Penguin-Audiobooks- Cannes

Gold Lion: Beijing Sports Radio
Agency: O&M, Hong Kong
Three print advertisements, “Soccer”, “Golf” and “Horse Racing”, show fans soaking in the action with their eyes closed.

Beijing-Sports-Radio-Golf Cannes

Gold Lion: Land Rover
Agency: Y&R, Dubai
Land Rover can take you to such remote places, you won’t believe the food there. The campaign provides five dishes, toasted dhab lizard with biryani rice, fruit bat soup, Goliath tarantula, stewed wildebeest eyeballs, and stir-fried sago worms, each with its own “adventure rating.” ranging from 6 to 10 out of 10.Try this.

Land-Rover- Bat Soup Cannes

Gold Lion: Duracell
Agency: Grey, Mumbai
Two print ads present the gold positive and black negative polarities of stored electricity, each presenting a family scenario.

Duracell- Cannes

Gold Lion: Volkswagen
Agency: AlmapBBDO, São Paulo, Brazil
Don’t rely on something just because it fits.

Volkswagen- Cannes

Gold Lion: ANLCI
Agency: DDB, Paris
ANLCI, a government agency in France, has won awards at Cannes for a print and outdoor advertising campaign designed to highlight levels of illiteracy. Six ads, “New Car”, “Luxury Resort”, “Bikini”, “Dragons”, “Laptop” and “Mascara”, explain that 10 percent of readers won’t realise that the focus is on illiteracy.

ANLCI- Car Cannes

Gold Lion: Crisis Relief Singapore
Agency: Publicis, Singapore
Crisis Relief Singapore, a Christian disaster relief organization in Singapore, ran a volunteer recruitment advertising campaign, “Liking Isn’t Helping”. Real life photographs are interposed with “thumbs up” hands and the copy: “Like Isn’t Helping. Be a volunteer. Change a life.” It’s a call to move on from social networking to turning up to help.

Crisis-Relief-Singapore- Cannes

Gold Lion: Times Of India
Agency: Taproot, Mumbai
Portraits of farmers who hanged themselves out of desperation were offered for sale, with proceeds going to help their families. “Hang me again,” the copy said of the portraits.

Times-of-India- Taproot Cannes

Source: Adweek & TheInspirationRoom

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