What a World Again??

Yeah!! You are right Meenakshi. There was a ‘What a World’ before :).  joyajit.blogspot.com. My first blog. It was titled What a World. Due to some goofup i did with the HTML thing, trying to change the template, someone hacked it. So i imported the whole blog to WordPress.

Now, What a World was already registered with wordpress. So it became What a World…Again 🙂 🙂

(Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan writes a column, Blog Improvement, in HT Cafe, Hindustan Times and also blogs on The Compulsive Confessor. She reviewed my blog which appeared on the 6th of April in Hindustan Times were she asked me on why the “AGAIN” thing in What a World Again. Thank you Meenakshi)


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