The Best Commercials, Cannes 2012-13 Winners

*Client: Metro Trains
Agency: McCann, Melbourne
Won: Film Grand Prix, Film Gold, Film Craft Gold
The campaign is centred around a three-minute animated music video, highlighting the many dumb ways there are to die, with being hit by a train – a very preventable death – among them.

*Client: Dove
Agency: Ogilvy Brazil
Won: Titanium Grand Prix, Film Gold

Dove recently conducted a social experiment to prove that women are more beautiful than they think, as part of its continuing focus on “real” beauty in its advertising. FBI-trained forensic sketch artist Gil Zamora, who usually sketches people described by crime eyewitnesses, worked with women to measure self-perception. First he drew portraits of women according to their own description, and then he drew portraits of those same women according to strangers who had met them on the day. The differences between how they describe themselves and how others describe them are immediately striking.

*Client: Smart Fortwo
Agency: BBDO, Berlin

The Smart ForTwo, the ultimate city car, is shown attempting to live the life of an off road SUV and failing. However the Smart Car beats the SUV in the parking in small spaces stakes.

Client: Carlton Draught
Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne
Film Gold

Four bank robbers call in to a local pub after a heist, only to bump into the local constabulary. What happens next only goes to show that not much can come between a man and his beer.

Client: DirecTV
Agency: Grey, NewYork
Film Gold

Client: PETA
Agency: BBDO, NewYork
Film Craft Gold

A commercial representing the campaign, 98% Human, to stop primates being used within the entertainment industries as actors.

To see the full list on winners visit Cannes Lions & Adweek.

Source: Adweek & TheInspirationRoom

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