Customer service horrors – Airtel

Complaint to the Airtel Appellate Authority – Mumbai [which also did not elicit any response]

Hi Mr. Kannan,

This is with a very stressed out mind i am writing this. And i am appalled by what i experienced.

11th June 2016
I went to the store for a duplicate sim. I had lost my cellphone. I submitted my documents, Aadhar and photograph and was given a new sim. I was told sim would get activated in 4 hours. I also cleared my outstanding of INR 1363

I only inserted the sim when my new phone arrived four days later to find the sim had no connection.

15th June
I called up customer care and was told the store must have not submitted documents and i should visit the store. The online customer care struggled to identify the reason for no connection. 
17th June – Today
I went to the store to check. What followed was disgusting. This is what the store executive(Vishakha) told me

1) “You did not submit the documents. You only came to the store to pay bill. You have to submit your documents and photograph again. We do not remember you submitting the documents”
Fact- What a lie, Stupidest lie! – How did i get the new sim card then! Can you believe this. I flatly refused and got up to leave. Then came reason 2

2) “You did not pay activation fee of Rupees 300 and outstanding of 200 rupees”

Fact – I paid rupees 25 for activation (The official price) and I had cleared my outstanding of INR 1363 on the day when the new sim was issued (11 June 2016). I wonder what this money they were asking for was and where it would have gone had an innocent customer who would have paid? She did not have a justification for the outstanding.

Then i gave her the new sim card, she did something on the PC and said card will be activated in two hours. She said sim change request had failed previously. This happened at 7PM. I got a sim change request mail from Airtel at 7.15.

Now sir, tell me what ethics do they have when they blatantly lie on your face. What should i do? How can this be treated lightly. What if there is a racket where other customers are fleeced like this – when they pay this other 300 rupees activation fees other than the Rupees 25 and some made up outstanding.

Requesting you to take action of this.
Store – Airtel Express Store Kalyan West

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