The Ranthambore Diaries

A quick trip to Ranthambore with the Tigers! Tight writing!


The Ranthambore Tiger reserve in Rajasthan , is one of the most popular reserves in India , famous for tiger spotting. The following is a travelogue written describing my first ever Ranthambore experience.


Part 1:

The engine roars as we enter Zone 3 of the Ranthambore Tiger National Reserve. Excited , everyone gazes into the foliage, armed with cameras and binoculars. Devraj Singh , our guide seems more enthusiasticthan we are. Thrilled , he points out to the paw marks of a tiger stating there has been recent movement.

Animatedly he gestures at the guide of the gypsy behind us , sharing this piece of news with him.

The driver speeds up and we reach a spot where jeeps and canters are lined up for a view of the tiger.

Alas! The cub seems in no mood to give a good view. I tilt left and right. All I…

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