How McDonald’s Makes their World Famous Fries

While searching for a video on how to make the perfect McDonald’s fries at home, i stumbled upon this video from McDonald’s Canada on their YouTube channel. The video, How McDonald’s Makes their World Famous Fries took me on a farm-to-plant tour showing me how the stuff is actually made. Simple yet informative.

This was part of an interactive digital media campaign developed by McDonald’s and Tribal DDB Toronto. The ‘Our Food. Your Questions’ initiative was an effort to create a direct dialogue with McDonald’s Canada’s customers by answering their questions and dispel myths about its food, if any.

Some of the answers to questions appear online on the site in plain text, while some of have been made into video answers which are informative. They show you things like from where the ingredients are sourced, how they are sourced, how is the process in the factory, etc.

In an era where transparency speaks volumes about your company, this is one marketing campaign which is just perfect and brilliant. I’m lovin’ it!.

Do check out at Our Food. Your Questions 

PS: Questions can be asked only if you are based from Canada. The website recognizes only Canadian IP addresses.


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