Tang – Mummygiri should be there!

Agency: Bates

Watch the ad before you read.

We all can relate to this ad because we too have gone through such times during our schooldays. The ad maybe all simple and sweet, but look closely and you see how the brand is trying to alter/manipulate/influence behaviour among mothers and kids. Don’t get me?

Consider this:

In one of the frames, the kids demand that they want a drink of tang everyday before they set out for studies and whatever.  “Or is sab se pehle Tang dena padega Roz.”   and the moms agree, because “Naye Tang me fruit hai.”

Imagine a scenario where your kids replace a simple glass of water with a glass of Tang and if it gets more worse, they demand tang and not water. You will argue that even Cola commercials also do the same thing, however i would like to point out that the target audience here is one, which can get easily influenced.



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