Coke Studio @MTV. Best of Season 2


No, this is not a PR. When you come across good music you need to appreciate it, right? As season 2 comes to an end today, here’s my pick from the best of the best of Coke Studio@MTV Season 2.

# Bari Bari: Amit Trivedi
The predominant emotion of this song is angst. It’s about suppressed feelings, about repressed emotions, about palpable anxiety and a sense of doom that will not be quashed. All these mixed emotions find an outlet through this powerful number.

# Madari : Clinton Cerejo
Clinton takes the word ‘Madari’ literally & builds this playful track around the Madari himself. The song goes on to insinuate that the turn of destiny in a man’s life also happens thanks to the Madari’s all-knowing damru. With a strong percussive arrangement, this song talks about how no situation in life is in our control and we can only play along with the almighty, i.e. the Madari.

# Yatra : Amit Trivedi
This is a song about the ultimate journey of life. It’s about the everyday journeys where we swallow the good & the bad and learn to move on. It’s about the countless days & nights spent chasing your dreams. And finally it’s about the dreams that move you forward while the memories keep you rooted. Watch out for the keerthanam in the end.

# Saathi Salaam : Clinton Cerejo
The very first song from Season 2. Through Saathi Salaam, Clinton Cerejo reinterprets this traditional Manganiar folk song and who better to do it with than Sawan Khan Manganiar. This song is a tribute to man’s biggest saathi, his most reliable partner, God.

# Husna: Hitesh Sonik
Hitesh had heard Piyush Mishra sing this song 15 years back and it has stuck with him ever since. Written and composed by Piyush, this song is a letter from Javed who was separated from his lover Husna during the partition. Inspite of having left everything behind and eventually moving on, there is a looming sense of helplessness and grief in the song. Musically Hitesh has tried to recreate that era through interesting acoustic guitar arrangements blended with Indian percussions. In keeping with the upheaval experienced by the lovers, Hitesh also ends the song on a tumultuous high.

# Kajar Bin Kare : Salim Merchant
Kajar Bin Kare is an homage to Ustad Sultan Khan. Salim Merchant had written this track with Sultan Khan and both he and Karsh felt strongly that it was the right kind of track to perform on Coke Studio @ MTV. Karsh had worked with Sultan Khan before as part of Tabla Beat Science. This song features Ustad Sultan Khan’s son Sabir Khan on the saarangi in what is an emotional reminiscing of the time Karsh and Ust. Sultan Khan performed.

# Malhar Jam: Agam
This song is inspired by Indian classical forms but is presented in a contemporary rock fashion. The overpowering emotion in the song is of happiness & celebrations. Since it is a tarana it has no lyrics but is an amalgamation of various ragas. The predominant raga used is Malhar



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