Think before you act! – Mumbai Violence

I was almost 50 kilometers back in Nerul in my college campus when news about “some riots in Mumbai cst” came through, just as we left the classroom after our lecture. What disturbed me more was the message that was being shared across mobile networks, with people forwarding messages without thinking twice. No they can’t be blamed, too. Agreed.

A friend broke the news to me, that trains have stopped plying on the central line because of some riots. Just then a friend got a ping on his BBM. “… from cst. violent HinduMuslim riots….fire…”. Friend two has another message, “…move out from cst..muslims gone crazy…terrible atmosphere…” Some of us started questioning as in, “Again!? Why now!? It can’t be!”. A tinge of fear gripped some of us.

I telephoned back home to confirm what was going on.

It turned out, It was NOT a Hindu-Muslim riot!! It was plain senseless act of violence.I do not know, what took place or what triggered the violent protests. All i want to say is think before you convey something. Do not make it religious. It can have a disastrous result!




One thought on “Think before you act! – Mumbai Violence

  1. no religion teaches violence. its d people who are violent. they hide their crimes in d name of religion but will d gods forgive them even if they killed someone for religion?

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