Porfect! commercial : Porsche 911 Carrera


This is one commercial i would love to boast about. Actually it should be a viral. In the commercial you see a school boy walking up to a Porsche showroom and asking the executive to show him the ‘911’. Before he leaves the showroom, the boy asks for the executives business card and says. ” See you in 20 years”.

There’s also a voice over that delivers such powerful lines like:

It’s a funny thing a Porsche, there is the moment you know you want one, there is the moment you first own one and for the truly afflicted there’s the decade or two that passes in between, From its first days on the road over 40 years ago, the 911 has ignited the kind of passion in drivers that only a Porsche can.” 

The commercial ends with the Porsche logo and again a voice over, There Is No Substitute”. Perfectly positioned. 

Thanks to @cosmichippie for the reference.

The commercial dates back to August 2004

Enjoy! Dream!

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