tête-à-tête with ‘Rapist Ranjeet’

memsaabstoryIt’s 12pm on a breezy Wednesday afternoon. Finding a space to park seems difficult. Cars lined up on both the sides of  Juhu‘s AB Nair road. Finally some space we find.

12.30 is the time we are supposed to meet him. The man who ruled Bollywood for a period of four decades in the most negative role, a villain, a smuggler, an extortionist and the serial rapist. With over 350 rape scenes spanning over a long list of over 500 movies. He was Bollywood’s Mr.Rapist of the 80’s.

We enter Jeeva’s Bungalow. A man ushers us straight to his 3rd floor room in a private lift. As we go up, i observe the tastefully and elegantly done up interiors. It’s a den. Stairways are designed in such a way that you feel they have been carved out of stones. Cobbled stairways. A lengthy fish tank. A blue pool on the top floor.

He enters the room in a long white kurta and a sheikh style turban around his head. A tall confident man. Greetings done he wants himself to sit in his favorite seat.

“The first time i did my rape scene in Shrameele, my parents were offended, they walked out of the screening right after the scene. Din’t you find any other things to do! What face will we show in Amritsar.” said my mother. “From there on it was a journey of experiences.”

“Oyee terko doosra koi nai mila, yeh kiskay saath shaadi karney jaa rahi hai”, an in law asked my before our marriage.

He serves us tea and biscuits. On being said that his role as Papa Ranjeet in Sajid Khan’s Housefull 2 was well received, he says, “I was surprised to hear that. A day after the premiere, i started receiving calls and messages on my acting. People congratulated me. I still don’t know how it clicked.  I have not seen the movie, in fact i have not seen any of the movies i have acted in.”

“In that time, rape scene karna hai, toh matlab Ranjeet ko call lagao”, he sarcastically jokes. “I am the life of social gatherings.” he says, which i found true. The 60 minutes that we spent with him was rubbed with his wittiness and dilli hindi.

“Yes i was mischievous in my childhood”, he says when we ask him. “Lekin, jabhi bhi koi baccha gali mai rota tha, toh ranjeet nay hi maara hoga. Aisi situation aa gayi thi”.

“I am simple man. I am different in my character as a villain. I am different as a man in reality”.

Yes, that’s true.


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