Things to do before i die – The Bucket List

Things to do before i die eh? Here’s the checklist. Practical or not.

Sky Dive

  1. Score 99% in at least some exam.
  2. Travel in a spaceship.
  3. Climb Everest
  4. Bungee Jump
  5. Ride the Tour De France
  6. Fly a hot air baloon
  7. Fly in a fighter jet
  8. Travel in the motormans cabin from CST-Kalyan
  9. Ski the Alps
  10. Learn to swim
  11. Go submarine in Mariana Trench
  12. Snorkel the Titanic wreck
  13.  Visit the Antarctic
  14.  Jump from a cliff into deep water
  15. Go on a cruise
  16. Complete the Seven Summit
  17. Visit Ladkah
  18. Whale watching at the Atlantic
  19. Travel the Trans-Siberian Railway


  20. Hike in the Amazon
  21. Visit the Pyramids of Giza
  22. Pilgrimage trip to Israel – Jerusalem
  23. Try all the alcoholic drinks
  24. Learn to perform magic tricks
  25. Sing at a concert
  26. Drum for a band
  27. Learn the Violin
  28. Learn to take criticisms , maintain a positive attitude and maintain a rapport with people
  29. Drive an Aston Martin
  30. Own an Audi or a BMW
  31. Learn to understand what’s so special in a Da Vinci painting
  32. Visit an auction house, Christies
  33. Fly First Class
  34. Fly Air Force One
  35. Ride in a chopper over the Andes
  36. Visit the White House and meet the POTUS
  37. Have a pet
  38. Make a documentary film
  39. Be influential on Social Media
  40. Attend a session of TED Talks and the Oscars
  41. Eat a Hot Dog
  42. Get backstage at a concert
  43. Go on an Animal Safari
  44. Play with Tiger cubs
  45. Sky Dive
  46. Date with an American pornstar



and….. to be updated! 😀

♫John Mayer – Clarity


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