Keep it simple and silly!

Phew!! Thank Lord. Ra.One released today and will be out of cinema in some weeks time. So will the publicity in another few days. Shah Rukh Khans Ra.One is currently on my Do Not Watch list. Ask me why.

The Ra.One publicity drive! Mr.SRK you have a good brand equity. Your movies will never cease making box office collections no matter how farcical, illogical they turn out to be. But over promotions?

I have no intentions of watching Ra.One because i am trying to block out anything and everything that mentions the name.

The limit crossed yesterday when i was hooked up on HBO watching Happy Feet. The commercial breaks consisted nothing but back to back Ra.One adverts [with some Ranbeer Kapoor injected in between].  The silly flying Ra.One Cinthol deodorants!

And i quote from Return Customer: 

These days, it is impossible to turn on the TV, open a magazine or check your e-mail without getting bombarded with advertisements. In an age of increasingly short attention spans, many businesses may feel that creating massive advertising campaigns is the only way to get their message heard.

However, the fact of the matter is that splashy ads often just overload many consumers, causing them to do anything in their power to block them out!

I am no critic to pan the movie left right and center. I am not against the movie. Its just the over publicitydrive. The constant bombardment of Ra.One visuals, posters, news articles and what not.

I am a simple customer and you lost one SRK!

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