MV Rak Carrier oil spill causes man heart attack

When Mr. Prakash first learnt of the MV Rak doing a Titanic off the Mumbai coast, he knew he would have to make up for the little time left before a restriction comes into place on seafood consumption. What followed was greedy consumption of 2kgs of quality shrimps over the weekend.

The next day at office fresh from satisfaction of having eaten his favorite seafood, Mr.Prakash started feeling uneasy. Perspiration. Dizziness and severe pain on his lower left abdomen.
Overeating of shrimp caused indigestion and formation of “gas” in his stomach…which his office staff mistook for a heart attack. Prakash knew it was not a ‘heart’ problem.

Ambulance. Stretcher. Injections. Anesthesia. Worried family members. Finally realizing the goof-up.

Chalo acchi baat hai, free mein full medical checkup toh ho gaya“. – Mr.Prakash

name changed. true neighborhood story.


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