Impotently Imported

Imported hai said the store attendant while i was ‘inspecting’ a bottle of deo spray of a rather unknown brand. The ‘information’ printed on its back label was an unreadable unrecognisable lingo, with an expensive price tag in english.

During the pre liberalisation era, the word Imported hai had a standard of its own. The two worded algebraic phrase was a powerful tool of commanding respect in the society. Imported hai meant you were rich. You were well-connected. It meant you were using an exotic product of the best quality,and last but not the least, it meant you cannot mess with a person who uses Imported hai products.

That was then. Even a China made cheap product was given its due. These days one can easily distinguish between a quality ”imported hai” samaan and a Ulhasnagar made ”imported hai” samaan. The word is still often misused, and still many fall for it. Foreign acceptance.

It’s still a  long time before this glorious ancient phrase fades away into oblivion. Vilayti hai. Imported hai. Seductive.


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