No baby, this is not 3G!

Two things i liked in the Idea 3G Population Control Campaign:
1) for pointing out the rising superpower is still reeling under powercuts
2) Yes, we need to control our rising population.

Being said that, I am still looking out for that one ‘wow’ factor in the Idea 3G Population commercial (there are 5 more TVCs on the same concept being rolled out in the next 5 months) compared to the ‘Just 3G – Reliance 3G commercial, which was superb, making complete sense on why one should opt for Reliance 3G. 

Those who suffer from powercuts cannot afford 3G, and even if they do, bhai inverters ka zamaana hai, TV bhi chalta hai! The ad simply conveys that India’s population is booming because people are having sex and making babies for recreation! It also  says that Indians don’t have better things to do, other than having sex? Really.

No Logic. Sirf tamasha.  “Tyaag diya hai mainay apna vyahavahit jeevan apnay desh k liye”. Lame.

Now if someone says that i took the ad rather seriously then please do not take this excerpt from Faking News seriously:

What do people do once they get high speed internet for the first time?” Mr. Kuselan, an expert on population growth and a virulent critic of Idea’s latest campaign argued, “Of course people start accessing adult sites and download porn clips. Do you think they will practice ‘abstinence’ after consuming adult content?”

“I know a friend who locked himself in a room with his wife after reading ‘how to spice up your sex life’ column on a leading newspaper’s website,” Kuselan claimed, “He didn’t even bother to shut down or hibernate his laptop. He was blessed with a baby after nine months and a computer virus every month after that incident.”

“With 3G reaching every household, such incidents, and thus the population of India, will only increase,” Kuselan added.

In brief, the commercial fails to sell the brand, is not funny except for the “before 3G”  line in the end.

Virtual condoms anyone? eh??

Views expressed are personal. 
Pic Courtesy: Faking News

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