Highly irritating commercials!

In this new age and time, advertising agencies struggle to bring that one out of the box idea for their clients.No doubt they have successfully managed to bring to do so, like this new – Just 3G vs Reliance 3G – commercial which i really liked. Makes perfect sense!

However there are some advertisements, which get under my skin and are highly irritating like the Colgate Total commercial.

I would never want to see a dentist stop me when i am on my way to office in the morning and barking ”Good Morning! Did you know that germs are attacking your teeth and gums right now?”. Well FU. I am afraid Good Morning SMS quotes will be replaced by the dialouge from Colgate.

Then there is the new Cadbury “Shubh Aarambh Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye” commercial. An overdose of emotional drama!

When a brand associates itself with a movie, it definitly helps both of them get mileage and promotion. But when you see every other brand associating itself with the movie and when you are constantly bombarded with same background score and scenes over and over again in the commercials. It makes you hate them.

I am talking about Zindagi Na Milaygi Dobara. ZNMD must be the only movie with highest number of brand integrations till date. ING Vysya, Go Jiyo, Spain Tourism, Land Rover, Mountain Dew, Apple etc.  The other day i was watching Star Movies, and i saw nothing but ZNMD ‘brand’ commercials repeatedly in the breaktime. And unfortunately for my disfunctional TV remote, i couldnt flip over to other channels.



5 thoughts on “Highly irritating commercials!

  1. Reliance ad is not bad. 🙂

    But are there any non-irritating ad breaks? When I am in India I just can’t get used to all those stretched-beyond-belief serials with frequent ad breaks!

    • Hehe No sir. Unfortunately we don’t have non-irritating ad breaks.
      People here as far as i know instantly flick over to other channels the moment the ad break comes. 😀

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