5 reasons you should not watch Luv Ka The End!

1.       You depend a lot on Old Farts: I mean c’mon if you can’t make a choice of your own….baby stay at home. Walking in the theater with a story well embedded in your mind & stars all in your mind! Would you really enjoy it? I won’t.

2.       You are an extremely serious person in Life:  If you are the sorts who has a reason to even stay a min long on a pot…a reason to stay 5 minutes more on a bed. DON’T! A film is to be lived…an euphoria to be felt! Luv Ka the end is a film which is so basic & natural that your brief thinking & grave observations will be vain.

3.       Old By age, Ming & Heart!! : Do I have to even say anything more…listen this is a get away from your routine….why do people enjoy fiction!!?? Just because that’s something they wish could happen but it’s far beyond their reach. LKTE depicts a teenager’s minds so typically…

If you are the one who would rather stand in a popcorn’s queue rather than catch up the film post interval…leave for the washroom at a climax…LKTE is not for you!

4.       You are still active on Orkut: No nothing wrong with this….Kindly skip.

5.       You think Hollywood is good cause Boss it’s Hollywood! :  Just because LKTE doesn’t show a typical devdasi clad in 10 Meters sarree run behind a bus, bike or Cycle rickshaw…But a damsel who’s out their on a bike…rash driving in the lanes…you compare it to Hollywood…tch tch…

One thought on “5 reasons you should not watch Luv Ka The End!

  1. And Reason why you should watch it.
    1. If you are brain dead.
    2. Don’t know anything about cinema, this is your first experience at theater.
    3. And coz you don’t have any life.
    4. iF U tYp LyK dIs.

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