IDEA has no other idea

The campaign took off on a good note. The ‘Get Idea’ was a decent marketing campaign asking the users to switch to IDEA. No network, call drops, high bills.So far so good.

Now i am bored. AB junior acts fake, throws too much atti and theres a lot of ‘No Idea, Get Idea.’ I hope you get the point. Same situation is being rotated in some new setting and then yawwwwn. Repeat.

There was a similar run by Vodafone, ‘Happy to help’ and ‘Wherever you go we follow’ campaigns. But they were different, they were cute, were blended with some good background scores, were witty and were an absolute delight to watch. In fact they were lively engaging the audience into it.

Lowe Lintas sirjeee, time to get new idea.

Man: Do you know how many men your wife has slept with??

AB: ummmm..Nai pata! 😦
Man: Areee ch******  No idea bol na abhi, no idea bol!


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