Saving Private Indi Commandos

Just check Google realtime on “Indi Commandos” now, and you will see a dam of jokes on the Kochi IPL team name! Some tweets say it is dedication for A.K.Antony, our defence minister, a mallu.

Is it a conspiracy to degrade and throw the team out. Who knows??  First there were rumours that the team was named Kerala Tigers which i believe was a marketing gimmick by the machinery to check out the feedback on the name. Now i believe, that should have been done for Indi Commandos.

All said, now that a funny name in place, the PR and marketing team of Kochi IPL have a big task in hand now – bring some real credible image to Indi Commandos or you will be dishkyaao dishkyaaod by the fans. 🙂


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