The Khans, the Johars and the Jokers

The Times Of India, today literally ran a full sheet page solely dedicated to the annual 56th Filmfare Awards 2010, the biggest farcical movie award ceremony in existence. Ceremony?

Yes.You have a razzmatazz performing stage, with a huge black nude lady standing somewhere.
You have a “Entry by invitation only” full page advertisements in leading newspaper(s).
You have a lifeless wannabe babe jumping around the stage on a rather unbearable item number (which unfortunately wins an award).
You have a plenty of award categories that do not make sense at all – Best Actor Award & Best Actor Award Popular Choice.

Just because Sallu bhai tore of his shirt and danced to Munnis song, Dabangg snatched the Best Film Award. Shit.
Hrithik was more deserving (Guzzarish) than SRK for the best Actor award.

Bollywood is no longer an art. Its a money making machine. As Anupama Chopra said in Open:

Why can’t a film industry with a reported global audience of 3.6  billion have a single credible award function?  Mostly, I think, because thestatus quo suits everyone: the stars make money and have  their egos massaged; the organisers make money and get brand equity; the television channels make money and find viewers (in 2010, the Filmfare Awards telecast got a 2.1 TVR, the highest rated show that  week for the channel), and the viewers find entertainment.  But surely, the industry and all of us who love Bollywood should demand more.  Can’t the celebration of our films have a little more grace and gravitas?

Bollywood badly needs a credible film awards…

… or none at all.


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