This Karivepallai will not kill you

“Sheeee!” a friend screamed when i picked and chewed on the black kadipatta, Curry leaf, from my mount of Aallo Bhaaji.
I asked.
Did you just eat that?
Yes i did!

A major part of the people (the youth) in India i think, think that a curry leaf is used to suck up the impurities that a curry may contain. Yes i really heard this ‘opinion’.

Curry-way-pal-aa, as it is known in my mother tongue, is one of the major ingredient in South Indian dishes. It adds taste, some fragrance and some freshness to the food.

Check out more about the Curry Tree here. Just wanted to enlighten my friends out there that this humble curry leaf is not at all bad as you think. Most of us take out the leaf from the curry/bhaaji and keep it at the side of the plate as a waste, not knowing why it is really done. Some stupid did it, and the whole country followed.

So my dear friend, eat that leaf. It will not harm you in any way.It does not suck any ‘impurities’ from your humble plate of delicious curry. Experience hai dude!

Cheers. 🙂


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