Hand of God

Its my birthday today and as always its a low key affair. Wishes pouring down since yesterday night. Thanks to all.ย But theres someone i want to talk about who never lived to know what a Birthday is.

Born with two healthy and beautiful girls, the Sharma family were a happy go lucky team. While Mr.Sharma works for the Railways, Mrs.Sharma is a housewife. They were my cousins neighbors.

Diwali went by and the Sharmas’ returned after a trip to their native. My sister found Mrs. Sharma weak and unhappy. Surely realizing that something had terribly gone wrong, my sister coerced Mrs.Sharma to tell what was wrong with her.

It happened so, that the family had tried for a child and Mrs.Sharma was pregnant for the last six months. And she successfully kept it a secret from everyone. They wanted a boy and Mr.Sharma was damn adamant over it. Boy or else nothing.

The reason they went to their native was to do a Sex Determination test. The test unfortunately showed up a “negative” result . It was girl child. Furious over it, Mr.Sharma decided that the child should be killed before its too late.

After a successful abortion in a discreet hospital in the North, when the lifeless body was finally taken out, none of them could beleive their eyes. The dead child was a boy.

Maybe that was a punishment from the heavens. A curse from the child. Hand of God.

(Names have been changed to protect identity)


6 thoughts on “Hand of God

  1. Very touching, and I appreciate that you shared it with us.

    While I intensely detest Mr Sharma and recommend nothing less than hanging him dead, I wonder why God has punished his wife Mrs Sharma, assuming she had no part in this merciless abortion. Somethings in life are certainly unfair and this is certainly one of them.

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