M Indicator

Mobile indicator or Mumbai – Indicator Call it what you want! I came across this awesome and useful mobile app today. A friend suggested me. Created by Mobond, the app lets you find local train timings, BEST bus routes, BEST bus stops. Auto and taxi fares and even check your Indian Railways PNR status! The app is totally free and very very easy to use.

A very handy tool if you are a busy Mumbaikar or a new tourist in Mumbai.  Find your way through Mumbai all through this app. A portable travel book u can say! The app has been made by a bunch of students from Jamnalal Bajaj, Ruparel and Pillai’s College.

Thank you Mobond  for this wonderful app.

Download M-Indicator here. You will NEVER regret it!..:)

PS: Mumbaikars you dont want to miss this!


7 thoughts on “M Indicator

  1. I was using M-Indicator on my SAMSUNG S3310 phone. But uninstalled due to error while upgrading that insufficient memory.

    Now it is downloaded but shows message– (” incorrect description” )–just before completing download. and hangs further download. What might be the reason as I had already downloaded it earlier Older version ( Surya ..) ??? Please help. I want this programme…


    • same is d case wid my phone too s3310….its showing incorrect descriqtion….dont knw why…i hv also used it on my phone but one day it told me to install new version and was getting automatically off….nw d new version iz nt g3eting in7talled

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