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They were six siblings in total. Just out of their mothers womb, they were finding the new world worth their visit ;). Running scared the moment a cycle cling clings around.

There was mourning the next day. Jumping around stopped. The activity of exploring every thing that came around reduced. The only time they jumped out of their makeshift house was when their mother arrived for a look around. One of the six died.

Days passed by. Only three were left. The discoloration on their body indicated that only one will survive. The one, he had a milky white hue on him. I named him Ruby…healthiest of the lot. He knew he was the king now. Frequent fights became a common thing among the siblings. Fighting over food and space.

Things took an unexpected turn one day. An accidental fall paralyzed Ruby. He could no longer run. No longer walk. All he was able to do was drag his whole body from one place to other. Like a snake.

His mother abandoned him. An air of confidence grew among the other two brothers. They suddenly started getting aggressive. Power was in hands. It was their time. Food came easily. When they thought they would die, things changed. Life changed.

Ruby died a silent death out of starvation.

His brothers will soon join him.

That’s life. Life of a stray dog.

( ♫ Vagabond – Wolfmother)

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