Lens & Ethics

Aee chal na baaju ho na.”;

“Tu akeyla yahaan pay photographer nahi hai”;

Deccan Chronicle

“Tu merko kheechnay deya kya nahi.”

” Pyass lag rahi hai, yeh log pani bhi nahi dey rahe.”

This is what i was hearing onTV when camera crews were busy focusing on P.Chidambaram, paying homage at the 26/11 memorial. The camera persons , the photographers.

I agree media has a huge role to play in a society, but they should also have some basic ethics that they should follow while on ground, LIVE. The conversations above rather might be between the crews of rival channels, who may wanted to have the best view captured, TRPs. One could also hear them passing comments, when Mr.Chidambaram arrived. Ok you don’t have  basic ethical sense, but even a common sense should light you up na?

That day President Obama was inspecting the guard of honor at Rashtrapati Bhavan. While he was inspecting, the DD crew behind the camera blurted out, ” Aree yaar yeh aur kitna der chalega.”

A piece of advice to you: Wahtever you say behind the cameras are making their way to the sound boxes on our television. I am not saying, you shouldn’t do it. Do it. It is your right. But do it in such a way that we we are not subject to hear it. It only degrades  your channel and the country.

What if someone really close to the US prez heard you saying  – ” Aree yaar yeh aur kitna der chalega.” – on TV?.

All you guys have to do is show some respect and have some ethics in place!


2 thoughts on “Lens & Ethics

  1. what you have mentioned is just one point in the big gaps that exist in our media, especially the visual one.

    The Indian media needs to mature in more ways too. It acts like yellow journalists, being partisan and humiliating debate participants among other things. It also has very low credibility and doesn’t follow a news story through, dropping even important ones when another trivial ‘news break’ comes through.

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