Blind date

Story 1:

It is a fact that blind beggars are the biggest money makers in suburban Mumbai local trains. If you are a regular commuter in these cattle class trains, you must have noticed how people are reluctant towards dropping that one rupee coin in those tiny hands of a child beggar. But when a beggar who is blind comes along singing a song, there is an instant reaction among the passengers: diving their hands into their pockets and fishing out the silver metal. Maybe, a natural sympathy towards the blind.

Blind beggars sense when a train chugs in, when a train it stops and when and which compartment to get in. Today while I was waiting for the local to chug in, a blind beggar was ‘finding’ his way to his ‘destination’ somewhere at the end of the platform. The ubiquitous red and white stick driving him. Suddenly a fellow passenger, feeling sympathy the beggar, caught hold of his shoulders and started guiding him. This help enraged the beggar who moved his hands violently and as if talking to the air gave some of the most “third class” “bad words” to the man who helped him.


“ Tu kya samajhta hai mein andha hoon toh mujhay dikhta nahi, Bose DK!, Mada****”

He picks up his stick and sways it around him, hitting the helper. An old man in his 60’s.The train chugs in at that moment, and the crowd disperses.

Saala mann say bhi andha hai, choo*** ***^$” said the helper. He was ‘hurt’.

Moral of the story: Next time when you try to help a blind beggar, make sure that you don’t hurt his ego.

Story 2:

In the same train, a little while after, a set, 2 ,of blind beggars boarded at Dombivili. What i saw made me laugh like hell, and brought some surprised giggles in others. Moving in a line, both of them where singing a marathi Sai Baba song. The guy in front was holding his round and hollow steel mug with a bunch of coins in it while the guy behind him was playing a battery powered Casio SA-47 with digital display. Coins dropped in their bowl like rain. India Shining.

Moral of the story: Trying harder isn’t necessarily the solution to achieving more; sometimes trying different can work miracles.



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