Pun Intended

The producers of Big Boss never expected that the Information & Broadcast ministry too will be preparing to launch their own ‘bombshell’ in to their show. The bomb in the form of a notice to move the show to 11pm – adult time- slot. Shelled. The directive answered one of my curiosity onto why some of the “after the 9pm movie” movies were aired at 11 pm on Star Movies and HBO. Movies that are good in content but high in action and passion.

What Mrs. Ambika Soni has done has to be lauded?? Shifting the shows to a late night timing wont help. Just make sure that the content is watchable and decent.

These shows only proved that we are an audience who are stupid and dumb. An audience who love voyeurism. What Big Boss shows is utter crass. An hour of footage cut from a whole 24 hour day.

That is why we love Shweta Tiwari shaking her assets. Veena Malik showing off her orgasmic skills. Dolly Bindra teaching us – How to bang that moron without physically banging him. The speed at which she throws out the expletives is so uncontrollable that sometimes the editor misses out to beep them. We like to see people who do things which we normally do not get to see so. That is w

Google Trends India

hy Pam was introduced on the show. “Ab tera kya hoga gori??”. Why not then show an hour full of porn clip. Sab khush!

And who the fuck is Rakhi Sawant – the queen of controversies- to play judge. A day is not far when someone comes complaining on the show that he/ she is not being satisfied by his/her partner. And whoa! We might see some real love happening on the screen (pun intended). She probably decided to switch to television shows tired of accepting the directors “demands.”

But who cares?  If we like something we will watch. We have You Tube. We have DTH services were we can record the shows and watch it whenever we like it.

What do you think?
While writing this post, “big boss pamela” was on the top 10 searched terms on Google Trends.

PS: Mrs.Dolly Bindra if you think you are a babe, then yes you are a Babe, Pig In the City!


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