The Indian Express. November 1,1984. Late city Bombay edition.

“Oh!” said my father when his eyes suddenly met with a pink folder while rummaging through his shelf of old books and files. The look on his face was surprising, as if he had completely forgotten that such a folder had existed, preserved. The folder had a  bold ‘MARKETING’ in red written over it. The discolored folder spoke for itself that it was many years old. Older than me. I am 21.

Sitting on the far end of our bedroom, i saw him opening the folder. A stained, golden colored, neatly folded sheet of paper emerged. An old newspaper. INDIRA ASSASSINATED, it said in bold letters. The paper was a centimeter or two broader in width than todays newspaper. A centimeter long too. The good musty smell of old paper smelt real good. Nostalgia. I was holding a ‘piece of history’ in my hands.

Hair raiser update: 19/11/2010:  When i opened the morning newspaper today, i saw an ad remembering Mrs. Indiara Gandhi on her 93rd birthday. What a co-incidence.


5 thoughts on “Nostalgia

    • I never ever expected that such a thing ‘existed’ in my house. Hadn’t it been for some old docu search, this thing would have never come out for a long period. 🙂
      Thank you Aditya for passing by 🙂

  1. “hair raiser update”…good one 😀
    It’s nice to see such an old edition of a national daily…it carries one of the most important happenings in the indian histroy. Wish i have my hands on one too someday.
    Plus it’s interesting to to note how different the layout of the paper was at that time. 🙂
    it’s a great preserve..take good care of it. 🙂

  2. Do you have the entire newspaper? I am interested in a news item on page 3 that talks about certain cable messages sent from Delhi to Calcutta where Rajiv Gandhi was. If you have it, I would request you to send a scan at madhuprathi at

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