Why did Saddam Hussain attack Kuwait??
Answer: Because he had a mallu (malyali/keralite) baby-sitter, who always used to say ‘KEEP QUWAIT ‘KEEP QUWAIT’.

Ahahaha, that is one of the many jokes on mallus/keralites flying in and out of the world wide web.

Mallus and their pronunciations. I am a mallu, pronunciation for me was “pronounciation” some time back, when my english teacher corrected me, “It is pronunciation and not what you said before!”. Oh i know now.  “IngumDax”, “Yem bee yay”,  “Amerikya”,  “Gaylff” and the classic  “Zimbly”. But why only mallus??

Here in Mumbai, biscuit is biskoot. Jesus Christ is G-jus Christ. Oh God. But is it the natives mistake that they miss-spell such words?? NO, i think. I was thrashed with a cane stick by my dad when i was not able to pronounce pazham. Pazham is mallu for Ben-aana, the good old poor mans fruit. You have to swirl the tip of your tounge and blow out air so hard that an “zzzhh” should come out of it. Complicated.

First i thought i must hvae “heard” it wrong. But when i heard it again, i was right. An announcement of –this movie is brought to you by –was going on in HBO when the Kerala (Care-la) Tourism poster came up. The guy in the background pronounced, Kar-aala Tourism.

Whoops, now who pronounced it wrong??




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