chirpers day out

they wake up my mom at dusk with their chirp chirp cries,

they make noise while practicing their aerobatic skills in the evening before they ‘dive’ into the huge ashoka trees outside my gallery.

they are the little brown sparrows who have living with me for the last 21 years :)..( they used to be in big numbers in my early years. then they completely disappeared for some years. now they are back, but their numbers are too little)

Happy House Sparrow Day you little creatures…

(the population of these birds has dropped a whopping 80% in india, reasons mainly unknown, but mobile radiation and rampant construction activities are being held the reasons.  within few years these species will be extinct. so if you chance upon a sparrow outside your window just enjoy watching it go on about its activities 🙂)

2 thoughts on “chirpers day out

  1. My birds are dying, contacted everyone about birds. so far about 35 have died. another died this morning. 2 years ago same problem…NH.

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