Now what? How do we save our tigers?


sorry my cat

we joined the 1411 initiative. we beacame a fan of the 1411 facebook page. we read the official 1411 blog page.

now what??  how are we really going to stop them from getting extinct. how will we save the tigers??

will they automatically stop getting killed because we are a FAN on facebook or beacuse we have DONATED or because we have READ THE BLOG??

wearing a t-shirt with save the tiger written on it wont help. (aircel did a good job by choosing this subject for money making, but it did make us aware the number of tigers left )

If  our prime minister and president are not interested in saving them how can we??



5 thoughts on “Now what? How do we save our tigers?

  1. We should be shameful of ourselves for poor nos of tigers in our country & in our world,govt schemes & projects are insufficient. People who kill tigers or who are indirectly involved should be shot down as a punishment.

    • I think we are helpless. Rallies or Facebook protests will never save them. Only if the government is real dead serious can we see them live.

      Thank you for passing by Arnav…:)

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