advertising wars – comparative advertising

They had done it before and they will do it again!

“Tide say behatar safedi dey Rin” ( Rin gives better whiteness than Tide) goes a recent TV commercial.

HUL kicked the ass out of  P&G’s Tide by openly comparing Rin with Tide , with Rin declared as a winner in the end. Whats more, Tide was not even pixellated as is the norm followed by other comparative advertisements.

Not long back we had Horlicks and Complan, Audi taking on BMW & Mercedes at a one go, Colgate and Vicco, Pepsodent and Colgate…..and the list goes on 🙂

Audi _ BMW

Audi challenged BMW to a chess game which ended up faster then they probably thought. After putting up billboards in order to promote the new Audi A4, that had “Your move, BMW” written next to it, BMW crushed it with only one strike: “Checkmate”, strengthened with an image of the M3. Now that was fast … If this were a computer game, Audi would have been probably flashed with a message like “Game Over!”.

thanks to autoevolution 🙂


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