inglorious basterd

This happened when i was really small ,when i was a 12 year old :P.

It was raining , and we, around 20 kids from my housing society were playing gol building pakda pakdi.
(catch me if you can in english :P)

Everyone was drenched till toe and we were enjoying to the core.
Having 20 year old guys playing with us was very very fun.

baaaaaaannnnnnnng!!!. it came so suddenly that everyone was caught unaware, and me and Sonu rushed inside the basement of my building. Lightning you know.

We were chit chatting when suddenly Sonu started shivering violently.

Abay kya kar raha bay ?? (what are you doing) i asked him and stepped out of the basement.

Again i saw him. He was still shivering. Jesus Christ he has been electrocuted!!

We had been standing next to the huge electric box.dumb.

I grabbed him by his arm and he fell down slithering like a snake who has just been smashed by a thick stick.
I cried out to my friends, who came rushing up. There was huge commotion and everyone in the locality got news –Sonu ko shock lag gaya, while Jeetu (my pet name) nay sonu ko bachaya was the cry in Sonu’s home.

However the scene was different in mine…

(malayalm) nee endna avanay todaan poyidu?? ninkum shock addichaanay!!!
-Why the hell did you touch him?? you too would have been electrocuted! –  Mom was beating me.:(
I dint know at that time that electricity passes on to the other person if one comes in contact with the victim.
Luckily, the electricity bumped off the moment Sonu came in touch with. For the next couple of days i was a hero in my locality and especially in Sonus home.

Then one day. While i was going to the local kirana shop, i saw Sonu with his grandpa.

What followed was unexpectd…

“dadaajii yehi hai woh haraam ka pillaa hai jisnay mujhay maarnay ki koshish ki”. Sonu screamed.
(grandpa he is that son of a b who tried to kill me)



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