cast away

My next door neighbor just had a baby girl. her second child

As her hubby is in the army,he went back to Ladakh. That’s were he is posted. Alone and no one to look after her newborn and Vodafone calling her back to work reshmatai had to call a distant relative of her for daycare.

The woman in her 60’s, with the look on her face i thought she maybe unmarried/a widow.But i was wrong.

The next day she was at my home, asking for little curd. She spoke Marathi so pure that my mom was stumped. She did not understand a single word except for dahi(curd).

Aapkay bacchalog pati sab kaisa hai?? (how are your kids and husband??)

Nahi hai.(i dont have) she replied.

Mera pati aur main ekdum pyar karta tha ek doosray say. Ekdum khushi say rehta tha humdono.

(my had husband and i used to love each other a lot. we used to live happily)

Mujhay pehla baccha hua. woh paiit mein mar gaya. doosra baccha bhi aisay mar gaya. aisa saat bacchay log paitt mein mar gaye.

(my first kid died inside. second one met with the same fate. i had seven kids and all of them died inside)

mera sasuma mujhsay jhagda karnay lagi. usnay mere pati aur mere beech mein jhagda lagnay ki koshish ki.

(My mother in law started arguing with me. she even tried to instigate my husband against me)

mainy apnay pati ki shaadi doosray aurat k saath kar di. woh nahi chahtha tha. fir bhi mainay kar di

(i married off my husband to another woman. he dint want to. but i did)

She went away with the curd.
I just stood watching her close the doors of her house.

God Be With Her.


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