Slap!! …“tumnay homework kyun nahi kiya..haan!! samajhtay kya ho tum apnay aapko!!” (why dint you do the homework?? what do you think of yourself!!). That was my hindi teacher, Mrs. Bhupinder Kaur, now twisting my ears, banging my hindi composition notebook on my head and again…Slap!!

“I want the homework complete in my next lecture. Understand??”

“yes teacher..err”

That day she slapped me so hard, I could feel her fingerprints on my face. The right side of my face had become warm and red because of the impact. An instant rush of anger ran down me. I gave her all the badwords I had known that day. Saali,kutti, moti, #!#!@#

I came and sat on my bench, discreetly running my hands through my face. My hands shivering.

Bhupinder teacher was a Punjabi, lived in casablanca apartments,used to speak pure punju hindi and had a beautiful daughter who was my senior.

Next week arrived and the next Hindi lecture with it too. The bell rang sounding the end of the first lecture. Thaaaaaaaannnkk youuuuuuuuu teeeeeeeeecher the whole class sang goodbye to our boring maths teacher.

I took out my composition book and was ready to show it to mam.

…10 minutes went by and Bhupinder had still not come. I was feeling relieved as the time went by and was praying that she remains absent.

I could see a some frentic activity outside in the corridor.

15 minutes…

Its only a matter of time before the lecture gets over and the third one starts I said to myself giggling happily.

20 minutes…

Maybe she is absent today.

Suddenly our mike system sitting atop the crucifix over the blackboard came alive. Tick.. tick.. tick someone was checking the sound, it was our vice princi, Carmlin Miranda.

“Dear students, our respected teacher Mrs. Bhupinder Kaur…(with a pause) is no more with us. She died this morning. Lets stand up and pray for our teacher who had been with us all these years…”

Bhupinder mam was indeed absent.


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