for the people, by the people

In a rare display of nahin chalta hai attitude, villagers of Tajnagar, near the booming flashy city of Gurgaon-Delhi, showed the middle finger to the Indian Railways by building thier own TAJNAGAR  railway station which they have been demanding from the railways for the past two decades.

The most interesting part is that the money for building the station, 21 lakhs approx., was pooled in by the villagers themselves.

The two kachcha platform station took about seven months to get constructed under the supervision of the railways and has electricity, water and a ticket counter.

The railways charged the villagers Rupees 5.6 lakhs for land, display boards,project report and supervision.

It is quite hard to fathom when the Indian Railways say that they don’t have funds for constructing a station. The vast railway network that touches every nook and corner of the country has around 7000 stations, runs 9000 passenger trains and carries 18 million passengers everyday.

The railways said that building a railway station in Tajnagar was not on their priority list.
“The railways have limited resources and we have to prioritise, and it was not a matter of priority for us to build a station in Tajnagar” Northern Railway spokesman Anant Swarup said.

For now the station is merely a ‘halt’ and the railways have agreed to halt seven trains at the station.

“We have been raising the demand [for a station] since 1982, but the railways told us they did not have funds. So, finally we decided to craft our own destiny” said Hukum Chand, a villager.

The station became operational from January 5,2010.

PICTURES: Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd


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