PIL on light of god

pissed planet

‘Your sun is the king of the planets, positioned at 6 degrees covering you from the back giving you great strength and sure success’

‘Your name adds up to the number 6, add it by 3 and you get 2 which is number of  a loser, so add that extra letter of ‘K Y or Z’ and  you will be happy and all your tensions will erase away’

‘As you are ruled by Pluto, your future has been freezed by its chilling cold temperature, so wear that coloured zodiac stone and you will become warm and your future will be cheerfull’

well what you just read was jyotishshi, Jyot meaning LIGHT & ish meaning GOD. In other words Astrology, followed by billions around the world and religiously in my country.

A Public Interest Litigation has been filed in the Bombay High Court to throw some lightagainst  astrologers, numerology, gemology and faith healers.’
The PIL has been filed by a Mumbai based NGO, Janhit Manch and seeks criminal action such persons and a ban on astrology and numerology shows that appear on most of the news channels and the forecasts that are published in almost every other newspaper with ridiculous predictions.

The practice and belief in astrology and related theories is devoid of any scientific process and experimentation , based on ludicrous theories of cosmic constellations, gravitation, divination , existing and non-existing solar objects as well as illusionary and imaginary placement of zodiac signs, states the petition.

The NGO has offered a Rs 5 lakh reward to any astrologer who can accurately predict the sensex at the end of each month of 2010 as well as the movement of inflation and rainfall in the cities of Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai.

The predictions are to be placed in a signed and sealed envelope, which will be opened only after December 31, 2010. If the predictions turn out to be true, the astrologer gets the promised Rs 5 lakh. Else, he must pay the same amount to the NGO.

The offer is still open without any entries and those interested can call Bhagwanji Raiyani on 9820403912.

P.S. a popular astrologist’s website claims : Astrology is a MIRROR to life. It is also a Guide Line. It is certainly Not 100% correct. No Dicipline is. But it helps within limits, just as psychology, economics, psychiatry does. Nothing is absolutely final and completely certain. But the chances of predictions coming right are good [70%] Also, character analysis of Astrology often helps. Astrology is Not a CRUTCH. It is to be used to Heal One’s Self.

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  1. In the context of a PIL filed in the Mumbai High Court seeking a ban on astrologers and similar practitioners, the following clarifications are made about vedic astrology.

    Vedic astrology has a lot more to it than the weekly forecasts and claims by some unscrupulous persons about 100% accurate predictions and guaranteed results. Astrology has always been part and parcel of Hindu religion and faith. Astrology is one of the six angas (organs) of the veda, Siksha, Vyakarana, Chandas, Nirukta and Kalpa being the other five. It is called Vedasya chakshuh or eye of the veda.

    Eighteen Rishis – Surya, Pitamahah, Vyasa, Vasishta, Atri, Parasara, Kasyapa, Narada, Garga, Marichi, Manu, Angiras, Lomasha, Paulisha, Chyavana, Yavana, Bhrigu and Saunaka are the creators of astrology and the classical texts of astrology are written by these sages. Some of these texts are Parasara Hora, Garga Hora and Yavana Hora.There are also texts from eminent scholars such as Jaimini ,Varahamihira, Mantresvara, and Kalyanavarma. Uttarakalamrita by Kalidasa is a treasure house of astrological knowledge and Naradapurana deals extensively in astrology. More than one thousand text books on astrology are in print both classical and contemporary.

    The planets and nakshatras have been assigned divine attributes in the vedas and puranas and there are mantras and rituals meant to worship them. Astrology is a matter of faith and worship for the Hindu. There are navagraha temples all over the country and it is part of Hindu faith to recognize the divine power of the planets and worship them. While the planets themselves are treated as divine beings, there are also adhidevatas, pratyadhidevatas and abhimanadevatas as their associate deities. In Hindu religion, the planets are considered as agents responsible for fructification of one’s own past karma. Atharva veda contains mantras to predict the outcome of a battle.

    The planets in vedic astrology are not the physical planets we see in the sky. There is a difference of about 22 to 23 degrees between the physical longitude of the planet and its longitude in the horoscope. This difference is called ayanamsa. The planets in astrology can be best described as karmic influences aligned with the physical planets. The graha word in Sanskrit means “one who takes hold of or control of ” and not planet as in science.

    Identification of muhurtas for yajnas and rituals such as marriage is based on the tenets of astrology and the ritualistic side of Hindu religion is closely linked to astrology. In the absence of Hindu almanac based on vedic astrology the festivals in our day to day life such as Ram Navami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Gudi padwa and Makara Samkranti will disappear.

    The Government of India publishes Rashtriya Panchanga giving the planetary positions on a daily basis which are widely used for casting horoscopes and other astrological purposes.

    Astrology is a regular curriculum in many Universities approved by the UGC. Degrees such as B.A., M.A., M.Phil and Ph.D. or their equivalents are awarded on successful completion of the courses. Rashtriya Samskrita Samsthanam deemed university established under the Ministry of HRD offers all these courses. Sastra University – Thanjavur, PSR University – Hyderabad and Kalidas Sanskrit University – Ramtek are some of the universities offering PG level courses in astrology. In addition to this, there are many more universities having well established departments of astrology such as the eminent Banaras Hindu University and Sampurnanad Sanskrit University, Kashi. Serious research into many aspects of astrology are conducted in these universities.

    There are widely read journals in astrology and the contributors include a wide spectrum of personalities like retired judges, scientists, doctors, technocrats, professors, bureaucrats along with professional astrologers.

    There are many remedies prescribed by Hindu Dharmasatras, the vedic treatises and also the mantra sastras. In fact every Hindu ritual has a goal and this is the expected result of the ritual. The success depends on so many factors. The penances and rituals prescribed in texts such as Santhikusumakara depend entirely on the horoscope for arriving at the right remedy. The bona fide of the all solving yantras and gadgets is of course questionable. Indiscriminate advertising and tall claims have definitely cast a shadow upon this ancient knowledge.

    No genuine astrologer would claim that all his predictions will come true just as even the scientific weather forecasts also at times turn out to be incorrect. No genuine priest would guarantee results. “ The sastra itself says that “phalani grahacharena soochayanti maneeshinaha. Ko vakta taratamyasya tamekam vedhasam vina “ – the scholars only indicate the future results. Who other than the creator himself can say for sure what will happen. Hindu dharmasastra and astrology are inseparable and a good astrologer is called daivajna (one who knows God). His qualities in addition to astrological knowledge are honesty, awareness , humility, vedic knowledge and devotion to the navagrahas.

    It is not fair to insist that everything has to be scientific. That is only one way of looking at things. Is God a scientific concept? Is religion scientific? Is the entertainment industry comprising of movies, serials etc. scientific or pieces of imagination? What is scientific about poetry? It is a fundamental right of every Indian citizen to follow his religious system and faith. Even science does not promise 100% results. Does the Medical Science cure every patient? There are quacks and frauds even in the Medical profession. That does not call for a ban on the profession. It is up to the law to deal with them. The argument is that astrology is not scientifically proved. The question is “Has it been scientifically disproved, if so by what authority ?”

    Vedic astrology has stood the test of time. It is our ancient knowledge with great social value. In the hands of genuine practitioners it is a great tool of counseling in times of distress and confusion. While cleaning the system of frauds and cheats is welcome, it should not in any way hamper the faith of millions and the true pursuit of this branch of knowledge.

    In the High Court of Andhra Pradesh , a writ of mandamus was filed by one Dr.Bhargava challenging the UGC’ decision to introduce astrology as a course of study in Indian Universities in April, 2001. The court dismissed the writ on the following grounds –

    Firstly, no final decision had been made and the court could not interfere in the UGC’s decision-making processes. Secondly, the judge quoted from the second edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica, published in the first half of the 19th century, which was ambiguous on the scientific nature of astrology. The opinion of experts differ and change from time to time, he concluded. Being ill-equipped regarding such matters, the court would exercise “the doctrine of self-restraint” and leave the issue to the UGC expert commitee

    The petitioners moved the Supreme Court after a two-member Bench of the Andhra Pradesh High Court comprising Justices S.B. Sinha and V.V.S Rao summarily dismissed the public interest petition filed on April 11, 2001. In its ruling on April 27, 2001, the High Court had said that astrology was a subject that required further studies. Further, invoking Article 226 of the Constitution, it ruled that in exercise of its powers, as enshrined in the Constitution, it cannot interfere with a policy decision of the UGC and, as such, the UGC (at that point of time) had not taken any final decision on the matter
    In May, 2004 a Bench, comprising Justice S. Rajendra Babu and Justice G.P. Mathur, rejected the SLP which was directed against the April 2001 judgment of the Andhra Pradesh High Court declining to entertain a writ petition.
    The petitioners, had in their writ petition questioned the decision of the UGC in according permission to the universities for starting graduate, post-graduate and research courses in jyotir vigyan.

    They had contended that the guidelines issued by the UGC were totally irrational, as Vedic astrology could not be held to see the unforeseen.

    They submitted that as a pseudoscience, astrology was considered to be diametrically opposed to the findings and theories of modern Western science.
    The High Court dismissed the petition holding that it could not interfere in the policy decision of the Government unless it was found to be contrary to the law or made on extraneous considerations.

    In their SLP, the petitioners contended that the scientific community considered the action of the respondents in starting the Vedic astrology course as a giant leap backwards, undermining whatever scientific credibility the country had so far achieved. They sought a direction to set aside the judgment and a direction to restrain the UGC and other respondents from implementing the decision to start the astrology course in Indian universities.

    On behalf of the Union Government it was submitted that there was no compulsion in taking up the astrology course, which would be only an optional subject. Even in several Western countries, astrology had been included as a subject of study.
    The apprehensions of the petitioners were misplaced, the Government said seeking dismissal of the appeal.

    The Supreme Court Bench agreed with the Centre’s contention and dismissed the SLP.
    . While dismissing the appeal the following observations were made by the eminent judges :

    “(Astrology)… requires study of celestial bodies, of their positions, magnitudes , motions and distances etc. Astronomy is a pure science. It was studied as a subject in ancient India and India has produced great astronomers long before anyone in the Western world studied it as a subject. Since astrology is partly based upon movement of the sun, earth, planets and other celestial bodies, it is a study of science at least to some extent”

    “The precise question as to whether Jyotir Vigyan should be included as a course of study having been considered and examined by an expert body of the UGC and they having recommended for including the said course for study and award of degrees in universities, it will not be proper for this court to interfere with the aforesaid decision specially when no violation of any statutory provisions is demonstrated.”

    The Bench rejected the contention of counsel for the petitioners that the introduction of Jyotir Vigyan in the curricula militates against the concept of secularism inherent in the structure of the Constitution. The judges cited a case in 1971 that challenged certain provisions of the Guru Nanak University Act, which provided for the study of the teachings and life of Guru Nanak. The petition was struck down on the grounds that this could not be construed to be amounting to religious instruction

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  3. I am reading this article second time today, you have to be more careful with content leakers. If I will find it again I will send you a link

  4. Survival group against God?? LOL. Good luck with that. Truth is, no one knows the exact time this will happen except the man upstairs, however, I firmly believe that there are people placed here by God that post the warning signs and it’s up to you to take heed.
    harmonic convergence and 2012
    – some truth about 2012

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