mitr – my girlfriend

we met in an afternoon of  June 2005.
i instantly fell in awe of  it…
the size of my palm…
little and dark..sturdy..and what not.
she has a body shape as if she is a butterfly.
we go for walk together, sleep together, listen music together.
for the last four years she has made me talk to endless number of people.
she is always there with me.

she does not eat  food. she hates water!
two times i made her fall into that bucket full of water. she survived.
today she has become old.
and her counterparts are more good looking than her.
sometimes and most of the times i ogle at her friends.
they are slim but plump than her, have much more and best features than her.
i feel ashamed of showing her off before them…
but why??
did she ever abandon me? NO!
did she ever say “hey i don’t like you? NO!

Thats my good old black and white NOKIA 2300 🙂 🙂


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