the eve parties

Only a few hours to go for  2010  to rush in and only a couple of  hours for the new year eve parties/new year bashes with unlimited food and beverages at various hotels, pubs discos…blah blah…to begin.

Some ‘celebrate/party’  by paying an entry fee of couple of thousands of rupees, while some go to their holiday destinations, while some do it at their apartment terrace , while some don’t party/celebrate at all.

During my last twenty years on this planet i have celebrated/partied only a couple of times… uhmmmm not more than five…ok say six times! Now that will make some people say  “oh!! look at this bore!!”

The first time I was  invited to a ‘31st ’ the first thought that ran through me was, just why the hell are they partying so hard??  It may be the end of the year but…

when i put this question to a friend, he asked me,  “why are you happy when you get something new?? same is the case here”

I don’t know how it is outside my country, but how you celebrated  ‘31st’  is like a status thing for we Indians, at least here in Mumbai.

“what are you doing on the 31st?”  will be an imminent question one will encounter in the month of December.

sorry you had to read this dumb ass article 🙂 🙂

It’s the last day of  the last year of the decade of the millenium!!

Happy New Year to all of ya!! Cheers!!!
P.S but just why do we party on the 31st? anyone?


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