Love Jihad

A new way “to struggle to improve one’s self and/or society” or  more commonly known as “JIHAD” JIHADhas come into light in the state of Kerala, famously known  as “gods own country”, in India.

An organization/movement under the name of  ‘LOVE JIHAD’ has been going around the state in which Muslim boys (Jihadi Romeos) trap non Muslim girls in their web of fake love, make promises of marriage in order to make them get converted into Islam.

Newspaper reports show that more than 4000 girls have been converted to Islam by these Jihadi Romeos.

Their Modus Operandi or Method Of Working:

As per the instructions to recruits of this organisation, they have to love a Hindu girl within the time frame of 2 weeks and brainwash them to get converted and marry within 6 months. Special instructions to breed atleast 4 kids have also been given. If the target won’t get trapped within first 2 weeks, they are instructed to leave them and move on to another girl.

College students and working girls should be the prime target. Once completed their mission the organisation will give 1 lakh Rupees and Financial help for the youth to start business. Free Mobile Phone, Bikes and Fashionable dresses are offered to them as tools for the mission.

Money for this Love Jihad comes from Middle East. Each district have their own zone chairman’s to oversee the mission. Prior to College admission they make a list of Hindu girls and their details and target those whom they feel vulnerable and easy to be brainwashed.

-figures taken from HINDUJAGRUTI.ORG

(picture shown is for representation purpose only)


22 thoughts on “Love Jihad

  1. Alarming figures of Love Jihad , published by Christian body
    11/10/2009 12:10:46

    Following Table, reveals the alarming figure of Victims of Love Jihad-is published by Kerala Catholic Bishop’s Council on Love Jihad

    Missing – a
    Cases Registered – b
    Escaped – c

    216 – a
    26 – b
    6 – c

    98 – a
    34 – b
    7 – c

    87 – a
    36 – b
    11 – c

    156 -a
    18 – b
    9 – c

    116 -a
    46 – b
    13 – c

    78 – a
    22 – b
    5 – c

    228 – a
    52 – b
    26 – c

    102 – a
    41 – b
    19 – c

    111 – a
    19 – b
    9 – c

    412 – a
    88 – b
    36 – c

    364 – a
    92 – b
    29 – c

    382 – a
    106 – b
    27 – c

    586 – a
    123 – b
    68 – c

    Not Available

    Total Victims – 2866

    Victims – Hindu and Christian girls

    Only less than 10% managed to escape.

    From Muslim dominated Malabar- 1674 victims

    Kasargode in top with 586 incidents

    • After watching this figure and publishing info.i can bet that this “Love Jihad” is fake things created by Catholist and christians… just insult islam and muslims.

      this is not first time,they have done many times before ,and this is also part of same thing…

      Just publishing from any website can’t be proof of any incident…new paper agency don’t chk for verification of news,they just publish it without thinking its right or wrong…they got info ,they published it…when it will be proved lie,they will publish that also…

      Why other newspaper agencies didn’t published this info…all website are from kerala…is kerala is out of india ?

      The chirtians are not very happy to see how a muslim and non-muslim is living peacefully in india…how they are eating from same plate…

      they are spending lots of money to distribute fake islamic info to non-muslims.

      Highlighting the actions done aginst hindus by muslims…why the hindus actions against muslims are not highlighted ?

      First they established Anti-Islamic website specially for Indians…spreading hate in hearts of hindus for Muslims,they also created hindu based websites and spreading hate against Muslims.

      so that Hindus and Muslims fight with each other and kill each other…this is all there plan,both will fight each other,and they will show sympathy to hindu parties…

      If they are really caring for hindus,then why they are paying money to lower cast hindus to convert them in Christianity…

      its happening in my city,in new delhi…every where…

      so brother and sisters of all religions,i suggest you,if u wana read about islam,read from real sources ,not from lies,and don;t hate each other…

      I specially eat with my hindu friends in same plate..!

      First we are humans,! don;t trust any Anti news…and remember in every religion there are bad peoples…

  2. What is jihad??

    First, we would like to start with stating that Islam does not call for violence; rather it abhors all forms of violence and terrorism, whether against Muslims or non-Muslims. Islam, moreover, calls for peace, cooperation, and maintaining justice, and provides for the happiness and welfare of humanity as a whole. This fact is declared in the Qur’an when Allah says: (Allah commands justice, the doing of good, and liberality to kith and kin, and He forbids all shameful deeds, and injustice and rebellion: He instructs you, that ye may receive admonition.) (An-Nahl 16: 90)

    Jihad is one of the words that have been misused due to misunderstanding its true meaning. The word “Jihad” is derived from the Arabic word “Jahd” which means fatigue or the word “Juhd” which means effort. A Mujahid is he who strives in the Cause of Allah and exerts efforts which makes him feel fatigued. The word “Jihad” means exerting effort to achieve a desired thing or prevent an undesired one. In other words, it is an effort that aims at bringing about benefit or preventing harm.

    Jihad can be observed through any means and in any field whether material or moral. Among the types of Jihad are struggling against one’s desires, the accursed Satan, poverty, illiteracy, disease, and fighting all evil forces in the world.

    There are many religious texts that refer to these types of Jihad. Among the forms of Jihad is defending life, property or honor. Those who die while engaging in Jihad are considered to be martyrs, as confirmed by Hadith. Jihad is also done to avert aggression on home countries and on all that is held sacred, or in order to face those who try to hinder the march of the call of truth.

    In Islamic Shari`ah, Jihad in the Cause of Allah means fighting in order to make the Word of Allah most high, and the means for doing so is taking up arms in addition to preparation, financing and planning strategies. A large number of people are supposed to take part in Jihad including farmers, craftsmen, traders, doctors, engineers, workers, security men, preachers, writers and all those who directly or indirectly participate in the battle.

    This type of Jihad was a major concern of Muslims in the beginning of the formation of the Islamic community, and a lot of verses of the Glorious Qur’an and the Hadith advocated and encouraged it. Almighty Allah says: (March forth, whether you are light (being healthy, young and wealthy) or heavy (being ill, old and poor) and strive with your wealth and your lives in the Cause of Allah.) (At-Tawbah 9: 41) Jihad is considered an individual duty (Fard `Ein), on all Muslims who are capable and fit to fight, in the event of being invaded by the enemy, and is considered a collective duty (Fard Kifayah) in the event of not being invaded. However, if the Imam (leader) calls to Jihad, people must respond to his call. This is evident from Allah’s Saying, (O you who believe! What is the matter with you, that when you are asked to march forth in the Cause of Allah (i.e. Jihad) you cling heavily on the earth?) (At-Tawbah 9: 38), and the Hadith narrated by Al-Bukhari and Muslim, “When you are called to Jihad, then go forth.”

  3. 🙂 I read this post few days back.Indeed interesting..But today I came here in search of a post where you would say that Love Jihad had beeen proved wrong by 2 reports by DGP.. Don’t you think that we should talk about both sides of the coin?

    • heloooooooooooooo nimmy… this 20year old is nt biased against anybody 🙂 🙂
      The DGP has never said that Love Jihad has “proved wrong”.
      he has not been able to provide ‘a strong evidence’ which is very necessary for any case to be proved ‘false’ or ‘true’..
      in this case ‘Love Jihad’ 🙂 🙂

      i will definitely update the post IF there is any development on this..
      cheers and thank you for passing by 🙂

  4. 🙂 Cool,thatz the right spirit..By the way,i just wanted to point out that ‘facts’ produced by Jagratha,the ones you have quoted here,have no credibility,as they themselves can’yt answer,”What is the source of the data’..

    Good day

  5. dear hindus sisters and brothers plz be careful this is a very bad era is going for us. Muslims and Christians are trying to covert Hindus into Muslims. It’s real not fake. They are tripping Hindu girls and boys via fake love and many more tricks. Be much careful.

    Think deeply, there was a time when over all India, pakistan, bangladesh have only Hindus but this is the time, if we count population in these countries our Hindus are less. We’re always cheated by foreigners. There was a time when mughals were ruling our country then they force us to convert into islam but now they are nt ruling. Think think plz think deeply. Accept only our Indian religions like Buddhists, Sheikhs, Hinduism, Jainism or those religions born in india. Islam and christians are foreign religions. So all Indian Muslims and Christians are requested to revert in their root religion. Thanks.

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