chubby cheeked!

Kaun Banega Crorepati, brought a host of other infamous reality shows to the Indian television industry.

baby shitters

baby shitters

Pati Patni aur one of them.  A rip off of  BBC’s Baby Borrowers, the show has a bunch of wannabe- married, yet to be married and god knows if they are getting married – crooks trying to get themselves get expertized in baby caring or baby sitting we say.

The show obviously had to fall into controversy because it features month old babies being experimented and tested by the contestants. The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights has demanded a ban on the show.

What made me perplexed was a statement given out by one of the parent who lent out her baby.
“my husband and i did this purely as social work. all the couples are either getting married or are preparing to marry. so we are helping them for the future.”

What kind of social work are you doing dear mother?? Your baby is not an instrument that you can give it out for experimenting! The kids are only months old..a period were it needs the utmost care and love from its mother and not from some limelight seeking crooks. Did you attend any classes before your marriage where they taught you to babysit babies! then the whole meaning of you being a mother is meaningless!

Maybe in future it is possible we will have reality shows were someone will lend out girls – all in the name of social work –  and contestants will be trying to compete in love making!

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