China jealous of India??

This morning as i was going through the newspaper, i saw an article on the front page – Split India, says China think tank .

An article on the website of  International Institute Of  Strategic Studies suggested the many ways by which China can destabilize/divide India.

To split India,  China can bring into its fold countries like Pakistan, Nepal and Bhutan, support ULFA(United Liberation front of Assam) in attaining its goal for Assams independence, back aspirations of Indian nationalities like Tamils and Nagas, encourage Bangladesh to give a push to the independence of West Bengal and lastly recover the 90,000 sq km territory in southern Tibet, the write-up said.

waiting for a takeover??

The article also said, the country never really existed as a nation in history. It was held together by the Hindu religion which was decadent since it encouraged the caste system and exploitation.

In view of the above, China in its own interest and the progress of whole Asia, should join forces with different nationalities like the Assamese, Tamils , and Kashmiris, and support the latter in establishing independent nation-states of their own, out of India, the article said.

Only after India has been broken up into 20-30 pieces will there be any real reform or social change in the country.

A growing superpower. The growing defence deals. The close relationship with the US.. i am sure they are real jealous of India.


61 thoughts on “China jealous of India??

  1. Dear viewers,

    Time has come to withstand and do everyting for the intregity and sovernity of india.Every one has the statement that the india future is on blink but no body is concern about what ill is happening in the country.

    In 1962 defeat from china we never learn anything and if we make the habit of learning any thing from war soon we are going to devastate.

    Lets assemble and do every thing for the nation.

    • Actually India has nothing that China should be jealous of……

      Instead india is jealous Of China… for example India keeps on commenting on news paper,tv,website etc

      but india doesn’t see what is the garbage it has got to clean within the country….

      for example Kashmir doesn’t belongs to India still India claims that it is theirs and will kill all the Kashmiri people.

      The Entire North-East doesn’t belongs to India but still the indian army kills the North-Easterners specially Mongols and the Chinese Ming hereditories…..

      SO what is india doing then…… get ur own hand clean and poke others ….. it will be better for the indians…..specially for the Northern people…. actually u people are ruling us by force in the name of Democracy…it stings n making the status of Democracy into a ditch…..

      Best regard


      On behalf of entire North-East people

      • brother,if u feel like coming under china,do so by visiting china…..moreover under chinese heirarchy,u shall realise the real freedom whch u didn’t bother out here.go with your so called ming brothers and see hw u’re discriminated there.
        god bless

        nd yes kashmir was acceded to INDIA by the maharaja of kashmir

      • dear brother, i dont know from which part of north east u r. if u read history then u must have read(u will find many books in district library in ur area) that mizos came to india during great china wall buid up, opressed by chines ruler. still they believe in theory on in humanity. they call Laldenga and other N.E. separist leader to their national function and think to cut india smaller.

      • hey guy u r ultimat mad ….if you don’t know anything why r u making such ugly comments….
        a suggestion for you never comment again pls.. for sake of india..
        india was,is n will remain best

      • hey stupid chinese 50 cent poster naarunaga atleast learn to write in proper human language, has all the melamine milk corrupted your teeny weeny brain comlade.

        And i remember i’m from North-East and Nagaland to be precise, if you chinese come anywhere near us we will insert rods in your dirty mouth and roast you like a pig, remember that,

        Ok bye now comlade

  2. There has been al such sort of speculation since 1947, during the Cold war US also dreamt of such scenarios where they will split india.Pakistan’s national motto is Balkanization of India into smaller teritorial states.

    WHY ?

    The answer is very simple, they are afraid of us, the might and power of Inda sends shivers in the spine of Pakistan and now with growing economic strength China is also feeling the heat.Chinese basically are a very motivated nation they aim towards a goal and move towards it,Indians are naturally born talented we are education wise,grasping power wise and in terms of general mental capabilities far ahead of Chinese.The Chinese also knows it so set aside there frustration they built there own castle in air they need to work more harder to understand India.

    • this is the first time to see a person who praises themselves….

      do u think that indian doesn’t work hard..? yaa some people do not work.. becoz they have made
      zamindars and made their own people slave….

      the whole world knws that india is full of born telanted peoples like the Lalu prasad…. PV narasimha rao… ravari devi..etc…

      ne best of luck with those people…..

      • @Naarunaga and Hrbhajan

        it is quite clear that you are a agent of china
        do you know what we we call you types ……”GADDARS”

        why do not you leave INDIA??
        and so far born talents in INDIA we have 8 Nobel laureates
        where as china has only 4.despie having a 1.5 times more in size THINK ABOUT IT

        the very existence of china’s philosophy is learnt from INDIA (go and read history)
        and so far capturing other country is concerned china is blamed worldwide for Tibet and Taiwan policy but not INDIA

        and about democracy no INDIAN govt. will ever roll TANKS on the STUDENTS
        and lastly i am sure china will meet the fate of USSR as no body wants to be a slave in his own country as in china and North corea .

        and by then your SO CALLED great CHINA WILL VANISH FROM world map

        so my personal advice is that please leave India try your very best to split INDIA and i am sure INDIA will be dismembered but by that time the population of world will be 0.0000000000

      • naarunaga
        u can say ur word bcoz this is india. bcoz in china u had been shooted. i am bengali & amp; i don`t want to be a part of any bangladesh i only want to be known as an indian u also patch this tag on ur mind

      • hey naari… sorry i missed u r naaru…well..diz fits u.. jis thali me khata he ussi me ched karta he..keep it buddy..par jis ched se nikla he ussi me mut wapas ek indian ki salah he… lolzz

  3. lolz pakistan has been trying the same thing for the past 61 years instead they got there back side owned and lost bangladesh……Indians aint wearin any bangles if india suffers china will suffer in the equal context it is advisable for chinese to think abt thr own stuff India has a right to make any sorf of defence deals that it wishes both nation India and China should continue to fight against poverty instead of fighting among themselves

    As for the author of that article is concerned India aint a chocolate cake that you can divide it so easily you moron

      • india is already a chocolate cake… u should understand that very well…

        Make note all the province it is owing 75% of the land doesn’t belongs to india at all…
        do not think only the other countries faces problem… ur country is itself a bowl of trouble
        n u will notice it very soon,,, ma dear

  4. What China thinks of India and Indians is not really clear to me…
    But only thing I can say is China with its passive wars is the real enemy…not now but say in few years
    This is the reason why failed nations like Pakistan still want to be enemy of a much stronger nation like India….
    Even Maoists in India are backed by China….
    Its like the movie GODFATHER,where Don Corleone says to is counsellor that it was Barzini all along.

      • we need somebody like INDIRA GANDHI,to pull up these Chinese.I bet if she had been there,we would hv been aggressors imposing on these pakistanis and chinese.Nonetheless,this is a work of some idiot chinese,they think we’re the same as we were in 1962.our public as well as military arsenal shall lambast them… JAI HIND

    • I think India and China are two very powerful nations today, and they should rather act as good neighbours. They should not run from each other and should not hit at each other’s back. Whatever the recession is going on these days in the international market, both coutries should work to get rid of it with better cooperation. The trust should develop in between the these two countries, it is in the best interest of the world.

      I dont think Indian people and Chinese people want any war in between the two great nations. But may be the government will have other intensions in the china, can not say much. Regarding India, the government is democratic, so its more of people participation, so I do not think that they can go against the intensions of the general public of India. So then, the problem could arise due to the government system of China, thats what I feel. Otherwise, the china is a great country and chinese people are reall good and hard working.

      China has really developed and is in better shape than what India is today, China is much ahead of India, I must admit as an Indian, after going through the articles about china and seeing many videos and pictures of China on google and youtube. My suggestion to people of both the countries is that they should build more trust amongst each other and should have more business unions and cooperations. China and India can really change the world for the better and can really prosper.

      One major diplomacy that China is doing is that it is running behind from India and using Pakistan against India. I dont know why China is so worried about India that it has to use another country against India. As everyone knows that India has got so much issues with Pakistan since her independence, so it is not good to use Pakistan to gain illegal benefit out of this policy. If China really wants to be friendly with India, then it has to stop using Pakistan against India’s interests.

      This policy is not the right policy what China is using and it will not gain any benefit to China, rather in the end it will be China who will be ulimate looser if it will continue to follow this ill policy. This is not the constructive approach to peace and long term relation in between the two great civilizations. India does not deserve it.

      So I can only say that Chinese should stop any such games with India and should respect India. India on the other hand, is a peace loving country which is not interested to get into any conflict with either Pakistan or China or with any other country per say. In today’s world of globalization, what matters most is the economy and finances. So lets work that way and make this region one of the most flourishing and developed regions on earth. I am sure that it can happen if the china and India will bring peace and will work together with much confidence and cooperation.

  5. nw india is folded by number of enemis, they r all supported by china,i f we want to tackle china,there should be unity among the indian citizens,this can be achived by selecting stable,effective goverment and also people should elect good persons devoid off party,religion,caste etc.
    communist parties try to support india not china like 1962 indochina war or people should not support them .

  6. If you r India, stop revenging us Tamils and help us build Tamil Eelam, it is safe for India or we Tamils have to go to China to make a split from India.
    Please tell your government we are taking this is seriously!!

    • @above
      people like u r responsible for the state of the country.. just try once .. indian army will shoot u in ur ass hole.. remember wat sri lankan army did to ur leader. tamil nadu is integral part of india and will remain so forever. they r also Indian as much as people of other states. ….. and now the chinese.. we will make their nose more flat and paint them in yellow.. we know that we can’t match their military but will give them a good reply.. it’s better to loose after fighting them rather than got invaded simply… practically .. these kind of artilces occur every fortnight.. we need not worry abt these shits… there would be world war if these things happen… both the countries will be destroyed and thrown back to stone age.. we are not pakis which can be divided again… jai hind

    • @Mr. harbhajan
      What has our country done to you..can you please explain bro??

      In no way it is possible for you guys to divide this largest democracy in the world.

    • @harbhajan


  7. i cant even imagine people talking like that
    first u hear china’s impregnable dreams of conquering india
    its fair on their behalf
    they r afraid of us !
    but hearing indians resenting our own country
    and supporting china,
    makes me depressede
    where is the idea of one nation, unity in diversitygone
    Harbhajan i feel sorry for u that u think something like that……..

  8. Indian History must be revised and the real victorious History must be told… Otherwise cowardice will swallow our nation. The present History taught is a defeatist History. Every Indian must be warned. WE WERE ENSLAVED FOR 1000 YEARS. First under Arabs later under Whites.

    Tell to the world that we are a strident, strong Nation. Fellow Indians we can’t risk another foreign occupation.

    We must stop saying “Unity in Diversity” that is an European Orientalist concept upheld by some Westernised, Intelectually subverting Marxists.

    Where is Diversity to Unite us? We were always united and we will remain so. We are united by our unique culture. A Dharmic world view. Respect for women and cow. Respect for elders. An Animistic belief that all living beings have souls and every living being has the right to the “pursuit of happiness”. Unlike other political philosophies were Man is held to be superior to other living beings.

    Indians wake up, you are besieged. You were always united and so you shall remain. In the better interest of your Culture, Identity, family, and children…and your own self… STRIVE FOR A STRONG INDIA.
    Unlike Chinese and Pakis we will not pray for their split. But we will pray for our Unity and Integrity. As praying for death is un-Indian.

    Chinese often say History is on their side. We got to tell them History and Bhagavan are always on the side of the Dharmic.

    • what type of dharmic does the indian stupid has….. rape women in the name of god… and make them false believe that the god has given them ,,,, specially the hindu saints does like that..


      this are alll the indian dharmic

      • Because of few obscure swamis… you can’t say whole Hinduism is like that…. The Hindu Jain and Buddhist (actually all three belong to same family) way of life is best suited for a sustainable future. A peaceful future… in which all nations can co-exist with out fear. India does not intend to split or create chaos in any region. Unlike those Communists and Imperialist who want to balkanise India.

        There is difference between my tone and yours. My is a Dharmic tone of creation yours is an Adharmic tone of destruction. You are praying for our demise but we are praying for your nourishment. Naarunaga don’t be soo negative… please lets be friends!! Take care!! 🙂

      • i think your are poor both financially and intellectually
        do you think that blaming a religion will help to succeed in your BLOD******y interest

  9. good luck to all of u……

    keep on commenting .. we know hw to watch a movie.. this world is fulll of movies…
    those who know hw to watch it specially…..

    similarly we knw well of indians….. n the entire world knows that too that they r cheap n cant stay without leaking the ass of western countries like the UK n US

    • @naarunaga
      go on dude…go and make a country of your own..rule your country…
      make your own defense systems…make sure you dont go to other countries or else you too will be ‘leaking’ their ass.
      do not have friendly relationship with any countries.
      be isolated in the whole world!!

    • u f****r , ur country and pakistan are same , ur proud on ur tecnology which is stolen from western country. if u dont like uk & us why u send ur sister and mother to get laid and spy their tecnology to build defence and space craft?

      India is far far better , we may b little behind but i can proudly say “PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN”.

    • @praveen
      the whole website is written in chinese language..
      so i cnt figure out ver the article is 🙂 🙂 🙂
      thnx fr ya comments…

  10. It damn shit what China is trying to do. They have to know that Pakistan has been trying for this from last 5 decades. But they have finally surrendered for our Unity. So China it’s better to continue their normal works without wasting their time.

  11. My first time here.. In my point of view, China is slowly coming into the picture as Pak since Our country,India is doing decently well and have thrown an outside competition at others. The fact is that, the recession in the U.S economy has not hit India badly as others and there has been only a small downfall for India. We have been a threat for many countries in this aspect and not China alone. Probably it would have been this that must have hit the Chinese as they strive hard for development and must have thought other ways and yet finding to pull India down.

    It’s time that all Indians have to be well informed and be aware of what’s happening around. We must be diversified and well refined in our thoughts to understand the importance of safe guarding India.

  12. okay…do u all think after every single person has got his own country.. will china spare u… these are the facts that suggests otherwise…

    china has 25-30 nuclear missile launching bases lined all along the north eastern border

    it has built concrete roads,high speed train corridors,airports and helipads all with its own money in the border countries in the name of developing the region..

    the recent threat of Bangladesh military mutiny was fueled by Chinese insurgencies…it has also 2 timed with Bangladesh government by helping them to avoid coup…thereby winning their confidence.. it has built an ordinance factory der

    the bay of Bengal stretch is cornered by 8-10 undersea missile launching bases…with increasin amount of chinese warships patrolling and occasionally intruding into indian waters

    china has helped the sri lankan army to thwart the ltte (tamils u hear me) by providin them with advanced weapon systems…and also has built an port for chinese warships exclusively for re-fueling

    u all guys are well aware of the help that china has provided to pakistan in developing nuclear arsenal…

    still some of u guys think china is right..hehe… the day new countries are created…. china will butcher all….. some of u guys are sayin .. that even pakistan has tried to separate india unsuccessfully for 5 decades… but this is china..they are shrewd,cunning.. they know if they attack without a plan they will bear brunt to some extent… THEY WILL ATTACK FROM EVERY CORNER OF INDIA…..when the time comes

    even the navy admiral admits we dont stand a chance b4 them

    if this situation isnt tackled in 3-4 years… then we kill or get killed..

    if any one of u dare to argue with me… come..bring em all

    dont know why…but we all ppl in the world are so cheap.. i see animals who dont have brains live peacefully….and we ..humans… with 2-3 pounds of brain..but full of bullshit…..

    naarunaaga…. tell me one thing… which mobile u use… nokia,samsung, motorola .. they are all foreign made…ure helping the what u call the western dogs..hehe,…never saw a owner wag his ass when their dog bark.. but dude u have proved can be true… ,

    u ll know why india keeps ties with western wants development….and not think of silly and stupid issues like creatin independent country..keep jumping on your couch and tear ur hair apart ..india will never comprimise u… if not i will personally come..and book u a ticket to china… eat more spaghetti there and also wear one…it ill suit u… and dont forget to wear a red panty.. and take part in no tits bikini show.. u have the right mix of abnormality in your mentality to win the competion hands raised …hehe

  13. Funny how people still believe what they read on the internet…I am Chinese and read Chinese. The website for this supposed report doesn’t even exist and the author of the Times of India article is quoting from some quack who seems to have very basic knowledge of Chinese (seems like first grade). Don’t worry Indians – Chinese have many other issues to worry about before India. It’s Indians that tend to feel threatened by China rather than the other way around.

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