Michael Jackson’s Death A Prank???

michael-jackson MICHAEL JACKSON IS ALIVE! Pop King faked his death, say sources,
adding, ‘Comeback tour will be biggest in music history’

Billions of people around the world think pop genius Michael Jackson is dead and set to be buried but nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, say sources in a position to know, the superstar faked his death to escape the crushing pressures of life in a fishbowl – and he is now socked away in an undisclosed location in Eastern Europe, possibly Hungary, far from the clamor of paparazzi covering his “autopsy” and “funeral” in southern California.

And in the strangest twist of all, say the insiders, once he’s rested and ready, Jackson, 50, will blow the lid off his own hoax – and embark on the most spectacularly lucrative concert tour in the history of rock ‘n’ roll.

“Michael is following in the footsteps of a man he greatly admired – another rock icon, Elvis Presley, who also faked his death and is still alive, and in hiding, today,” William Stern, who has written extensively on Presley, told me exclusively.

“Unlike Elvis, however, Michael is withdrawing from his celebrity before it destroys him. And he also is planning, once he has rested and regrouped, to stage a comeback unlike anything in rock history.

“Make no mistake, Jackson is a genius, both as a performer and as and showman and marketer and promoter. Remember when he made an offer to buy the remains of The Elephant Man from a British museum just to get the publicity?

“Remember when he reputedly was trying to find a way to live forever by spending hours in a hyperbaric chamber?

“If you look at his history, at some of the stunts he’s pulled to keep himself in the public eye, to maintain a sense of mystery about who he is and what he’s all about, the idea that he would fake his death makes sense.

“Let’s face it – Michael has been vilified by many in the press and by people who just don’t like him. He’s been accused of pedophilia. He’s been called ‘Wacko Jacko’ and a ‘Pop Weirdo’.

“Yes, he’s got billions of fans. Yes, he’s sold perhaps a billion records and CDs. But for all the love he gets, there are those who have been and continue to be unkind, and mean-spirited.

“I’ll make you a bet. If it takes six months, if it takes a year, if it takes two years, it doesn’t matter: When he’s rested and ready, and pulls the curtain up on his faked death, the world is going to stand still.

“With all due respect to the President of United States, Michael on a ‘Back from the Dead Tour’ will make Barack Obama look like a B-List celebrity.”

Stern’s sources say Jackson has been planning his escape for at least 16 months, but nobody, not even those who are closest to him, took him seriously, the expert said, “until now.”

“It’s unclear where he has gone – he mentioned South America, Canada, Russia, Kenya, Japan and Australia over the past year … all smokescreens, no doubt,” continued Stern.

“The best information I have suggests he is in Eastern Europe, in a medieval castle, possibly in Hungary. Right now, my sources are saying, ‘Leave him alone. Let him rest. Give him time.’

“They say that fans can help him recover by showing their love and respect for him. They say, ‘You better believe he is watching all the coverage.’ And they say fans can give Michael a boost by flashing peace signs to cameras – like he was famous for doing – and telling reporters they know he is alive.’”

(The post has been taken from derekclontz.wordpress.com)

12 thoughts on “Michael Jackson’s Death A Prank???

  1. Hey bro sorry for hurting your feelings…i am not saying this is true. its just what is going on the internet which i thought i would post here 🙂
    and for the photo… i am changing it 🙂 🙂

    thanks for commenting.:)

  2. hey thank you! Rumors have been going both ways. One rumor supposedly by a blogger close to Michael was that the kid had confessed after MJs death that the abuse never took place and he was forced by his father to file the false case!!

    And good you moved to wordpress. It is much better here! I love reading your posts. Keep writing..

  3. hey……this is so not true…..he is such a big superstar,he does not need such publicity stunts, u r talking about to make his concert a hit,they are just base less rumors and u mentioned about ELVIS thats not true either,they are such big stars and people love them so much that they cant come to terms with the fact that,their beloved super star is no more as they know nobody can fill the vacuum created by their absence.MJ LIVES FOR EVER IN OUR BLOOD.

  4. @raghav
    Dear Reader i never said that the above incident is true…(???)
    however the article gains credibility on the following reasons:

    1: The mystery on the cause of his death.

    2: His place of burial. After the Staples Memorial no one knows where MJ was taken to. Agreed that his family needed privacy. However they could have said later where MJ was buried. In short no one knows his burial place.

  5. go to hell u bunch of sick people!!!y cnt yol just leave michael”s soul to just REST IN PEACE!people like you added to his depression,you call yours yourselves his fans while yol bizy mking crazi stupid speculations- EVEN AFTA HIS DEATH?have yol got no shame??!!!
    he was a good,fregile soul and deserved all the happiness in the world but people that work for the devil were against that…JUST LET THE DUDE REST IN PEACE AND JUST STOP THIS SHITT.ayttt?!!!

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