The Water Man

who can ignore this!!

who can ignore this!!

Lemon juice, buttermilk, thumbs-up and a host of other liquids did not quench my thirst.
Its an unbearable heat outside and in spite of being Monsoon the city that never sleeps has still not received the rains. Mr. El Nino has delayed it.
Its almost 8pm, people get down and the train is more than empty. There is no other thing in this world other than our precious water which gives us instant relief from thirst. No Coke, no Pepsi, no Redbull can beat it!!

I had read an article about him in Mumbai Mirror. He carries with him a shoppers bag. It  has some number of bottles with cold water in it along with a small steel glass.

He takes out a bottle, fills water in the glass and gives it to every commuter in the train free of cost! imagine carrying litres of water on your back!
He has been doing it for quite a number of years.

God bless this man:)
(tried very hard to find out his name. proved unsuccessful)


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