what is this advertisement trying to communicate?

In todays modern world competition has increased so much that companys try different ways of attracting potential customers.

If you go to see, these days Advt. companies put so much creativity in their clients promotion that they instantly stick on to the potential consumers mind.

here is one such Advt billboard which caught my attention and of many others too.
But i did not understand whom the advertising was promoting.
Take a look.

4 thoughts on “what is this advertisement trying to communicate?

  1. The True Heights of TV advertisements. A Girl in Bikini coming out from Sea Water and a background voice comes “Vishwas hai .. Isme hai Kuch Khaas !!” .. and then you get bamboozled when they mentioned the Product they were advertising … “JK Lakshmi Cement” .. I mean WTF !! A Senseless Double meaning Advertisement. 😛

    Recently, Fastrack 20% Off Sale Ad was even more pathetic, where a Girl was removing her unergarment .. Though it is banned still it is being telecasted on UTV Channels on every single commercial and already has many views on Youtube. 😛

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