Today Mumbai Mirror carried an article The home guards who cheat on homework’ in the City page. It said how the guards posted at the railway stations on both CR and WR enter fictitious names and destinations in the register they are supposed to maintain after they check suspected commutters.

yes!! it is true…and i am glad that it has finaly been revealed and found out because……
i had found it out way two years back!!!
i’ll tell u how…
immidieatly after the serial blasts in the local trains, guards were posted at each of the railway stations to check the bags of suspecting commuters.
Their job was to check the bags of the commuters and write down their details i.e. their name, address, et cetra et cetra…
i was asked to show my belongings one day at the red coloured or sponsored table the guards sit on.
the only thing i was carrying was my backpack…i was going to college.
i opened my bag and showed them what was inside.
then i was asked to give my details.
i gave my name..a fake one.
i gave my address…a fake one.
i gave my dads name..a fake one.
i said the destination i was going to…a fake one.
whoa!!!!! and now i can easily place a bomb in the train without the police knowing whodunit!!!
this is how they used to work all these years.
the next day i decided to check out how sincierly the guards did thier duty.
i stood close to the counter in such a manner that the guard should not suspect me again and i can have a clear visibility of the register.
what i saw just made me say….f***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the guards used to copy the names and addressess from the front page again on every fourth page of the register without checking anyone!!!!!
wow!!!! kya checking hain yaar!!!
u guys work brilliantly….hats off to ya!!!! cheeers!!!!

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