Who is to be blamed??

whoossshhhh….. a whaft of cold air hits me on my face, hits me on my bare legs, hits me everywhere 🙂

It was my crompton ..err.. nope bajaj hmmm.. nope my crompton ceiling fan who was doing this mischief. Electricity finally…after 3boring hours of ‘load shedding’. Time to Google!!!… 3.30pm 🙂
orkut: no-buddy is online…
gtalk:no-budyy is online…
hmmm kya karein… 
‘net’ control nahi hota…(enrique is singing addicted on wmp. what a co-in-cidence).
Currently both India and Pakistan are giving dahmkis(threats) to each other of attacking each other.wow!! fighter planes, missiles excite me a lot.
I decide to take a look at our good old indian airforce….thru their website…
an unimpressive website opens up…with photos of helicopters, planes and others flashing from each corner of the webpage… i click on the link ‘gallery’….aha!!! it does not open up.
recruitments..same story. 
i immidieatly leave the page and log on to the website of the US airforce.
just take a look at airforce.com and see how it looks!!!
after about 1 hour i end up downloading a couple of photos of the US fighter planes, their navy ships, submarines…etc…
after logging off what made me think was this…. Why did i get impressed with the US thing and not India?
Even today i am proud of the US defence…..why???
thinking…..thinking…..stillll thinking……

yeps…thats it!!!
movies man!!! hollywood movies are to be blamed……..
There are so many english movies i have seen which praise the US defence that i started feeling proud of them…..a sense of feeling that my own countrys defence is inferior than theirs…
am i to be blamed??
Bollywood too has tried to make such movies but ended making love stories in them..
am i to be 

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