a day of experiences

at about 12.30pm i get down at vidyavihar station waiting for richard. He was to accompany me to dadar for giving my laptop for servicing at HP CARE.

by 2.00pm we reach dadar and start looking for the bus which stops at century baazar(kalyani informics at century baazar was were we had to go as per the hp customer care).

it was drizzling outside and the scene outside the station was something i had never seen i my life.the steps on the FOB were covered with layers and layers of slush mixed with waste vegetables.And it was stinking too.Even the kalyan market is a much better place than this!

Like me ric was also clueless as to were we would get the bus from.We decided to ask the shopkeepers near a bus stop for help.We were surprised to know that none of the shopowners we asked had any clue about which bus goes to century bazaar! I wonder how these guys dont know anything about dadar…after all they have been doing business for years here na??
With the help of a commuter we reach century bazaar and after many left and rights we reach kalyani informics on the fourth floor of Kalyandas Mansion.We meet the proprietor who directs us to another room for futher enquiry.The receptionist in the room attends to us and then tells us they do not entertain such complaint and says that the main HP CARE CENTER near dadar station will solve our problem.
Wow!! so why did the customer care direct me here???…

After filling our stomach with kheema and parathas in the nearby restaurnt we head straight to catch a glimpse of the bandra-worli sealink which we chanced upon mistakenly through a gap between the slums on the road.

no one had ever heard of Apple Plaza Building..the commuters in the bus,the conductor,even the post office personnel.But they made sure that the building did exist somewhere on the Senapati Bapat Marg near kohinoor institute.We frantically went searching for the precious kohinoor and found it standing proudly at the the end of the flyover. We saw Apple Plaza hiding behind kohinoor :-)finally…

5.30pm:we are out of HP CARE.
5.37….:eating dahipuri at a chaat stall…the worst ever i had..yucks!! suddenly a man in a red shirt(a ‘MNS’ marathi manoos) approaches the stall owner and starts abusing him.He was a bit drunk and his dumb wife was with him.he was threatning to overturn the stall…was barking hoe these biharis have spoilt maharashtra..and all the f****** reasons.We stood there and richard tried to capture the going-ons in his mobile.

me chootyya aahaykaa??” said the man to richard.he understood that rics camera was on.He suddenly got hold of richards mobile..this enraged ric.He got hold of the MNS mans collar and told him
tula tyala kaay bolaaychey bol…mala haaath laavsheel tar rahnaar nahi.me pun marathi aahay aani tumhi loka marathi maansachey naav ka kharab karta??”

the wife stood unperturbed..and pleaded us to let him go.Ric told the the stallowner to give him a plate of chat free of cost.a policeman who was watching all this hoopla did not utter a single word..

around 8.00 we reach kalyan.I see a boy,a youngster, lying on the platform,froth coming out from his mouth.he probably had fits.Not a single man stopped to help him.We went near him to see how we can help him.”arrey why dont you call a doctor?” said richard to a railway employee who was observing us.Seeing both of us a HUGE crowd gathered behind us.A man removed his shoes and mde the boy smell the shoe.After lot of trying the boy finally was back into his senses……..
a day of experiences………


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